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Subject: PR card delivery !
  Hello everyone
I need help.
I landed in Canada on 1oth May and provided a friends address where they can deliver my PR card.It is already over 30 days but the card has not been delivered.Is it alright or is there something wrong.The toll free number they have provided cannot be reached from USA.
Please let me know what to do in such a situation.

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It takes between 3 and 8 weeks to get your card (at least this is what I was told at the border), so don´t worry. MIne took 6 weeks to arrive.
Best wishes;

Former UK
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Is itpossible to ´land´ on any day or is it closed on Sundays/Saturdays/public holidays. I mean is it ok to land on Saturday and come back to usa on sunday i.e the very next day and that too on a weekend?
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Thanks for the reply.
Did you give the address at the time of landing or later on the Address Notification form online.
Please let me know

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