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Subject: sponsor a sister
  I am a Canadian citizen, of Syrian origin, living in Quebec with my parents since 1999. I will like to explain my problem maybe someone of you can help or give an idea that might help .
In fact, my brother, that came to the Canada in first, we sponsored, my parents and me. My sister, that could not be sponsored remained in Syria all alone. This position we to caused a lot of problems, for my sister no longer has person in Syria. But we were said that she will do a residence request permanent and that she will be able to come later.
she applied to visit us 9 times and she got refused, even if all his family already is here. they said and told her you will never come back, she has a house that she rents . She has enough money in the bank. All that she wants now this is to come to visit to see her family.everytime she applays for a visa she get a refuse ,I got married last year and I sent to her an invitation letter and even this did not work.
We spoke with immigration Quebec and Canada, to have solutions, but everyone says no way thats not logical . Impossible to sponsor, not any program to unite the family, nothing to help us. We have to spend a lot of money in consultation with lawyers, and no result. i dont mind to pay at least i get a trust from someone .
My parents and me let us are here since almost eight years. My wife, was born to the Quebec, and his vicinity family 80 persons are here for 30 years. We work all, pay taxes, are house owner, never were on the social assistance, or on the job insurance .
This position causes a lot of problems and of stress to my parents, that are old enough. The most serious one in all this history my father went in christmas to celebrate with my sister so she will be not all alone, it did hit by a car, had a break of the skull and does a hemorrhage. he had two operations and cannot return right away, because of the seriousness of its injuries. 2 months ago, my father and my sister went to the embassy of Canada in Syria to do a request that my sister can accompany my father to his return to canada,and she got refused also,they told her never to apply. If my father died from his accident, I would blame the Canadian government.
I did not see my sister for twelve years. I cannot go to see it in Syria, since I did not do my military service and you know the tension that exists to the average east. Therefore, I no longer will see never my sister. Find you this logical position?
What must we do? do i have to be alone here and my parents live with her?
i realy dont understand this government who brings all the immigrants here and dont alow me to see or sponsor my sister unreal to see all the doors closed like this iam not able also to pay more money for fake answers from consultations,i know there is a way and a good lawyer can do something but where is the honest guy?

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Even OP2 section 5.24 http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/op/op02e.pdf page 19 does not apply. The only thing to do is get her married off to a PR or CDN whether arranged marriage or not and even then because you have tried, tried, tried that might not be good enough either.


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Roy said: "The only thing to do is get her married off to a PR or CDN whether arranged marriage or not and even then because you have tried, tried, tried that might not be good enough either.

With all due respect and all my sympathy towards this lady and her family, the above "QUOTE" means you are here to encourage paper or passport marriages. But you also have been critical of some lawyers and consultants when they were suspected of doing the same.

We need to discuss this attitude but in civil manner please.

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Does she have a profession?
It is going to be very hard to obtain a visitor visa at this point in time for her, however if she has a profession in demand in Canada she may apply under the PNP program.

Or may take a little bit longer but she could apply under a skill worker category if is applicable.

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Anonymous4 here we go again. Stop trying to put a negative spin on an honest reply.

Do you really think that the person who posted this question is so ignorant that they had not considered Skilled Worker program or other economic class applications?

It is called family reunification a corner stone of the Immigration Act according to every Minister of CIC since there was a Ministry yet his sister is stuck back home. STUCK!!!!!!!!!

He was looking for what some call the Last Remaining Relative description according to my interpretation and due to the requirements he does not even meet that provision. I posted the manuals that clearly shows the requirements.

Anonymous4 there are just as many failed marriages out of love as arranged ones and even so any marraige route for his sister would be called into question EVEN IF IT IS REAL due to the many applications they have had.

Anonymous4 understand somethi9ng clearly I have never been critical of any Lawyer or Consultant doing marriage applicantions nor I know of any Consultant or Lawyer filing bogus marriages. Why would any consultant know of others in the same business doing illegal business. If a Lawyer or Authorized Immigration Consultant was doing illegl things on marriage applications why would they be prodcasting same??????


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Thank you very much for your answers guys.
i realy dont understand why they dont allow to sponsor a family member to family reunification unreal to much immigrants out there want to bring there family isnt better for them than brining unknown immigrants.
i have a special case and i know others have it too. but there is a key out there to solve it, many lawyers told me about Humanitarian immigration but 50/50 .
quebec doesnt have thing called noomine program too bad.
we are all canadian execpt her and the goverment doesnt understand that a member of family all alone is there.
i dont care if someone marry her to come here. he has to go there to marry her to make everything real. if u have someone let me know.
i still believe there is a way and a good lawyer can handle it according to his expereince and connection .
all i can say we have a bad luck to be in quebec to late.

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Good point Roy thats what i was looking for Last Remaining Relative or family reunification. but it doesnt exist in quebec. maybe a special letter from the immigration or the ministry with her application would help.
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It´s time to contact your MP, or the equivalence in Quebec. They could do wonders if they believe yours is a just cause and it does sound just to me.
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All MP´s in Quebec are sucks! They are useless. I have been tryie them so many times and I have heard them nothing but lies....

French is sucks

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