How long after the second medical test?

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Subject: How long after the second medical test?
  My time line

26th Feb?07 Application received CIC-MIS
21st March?07 Processing Start ( get sponsor approval and file send to local office on Singapore for further processing )
4th April Singapore start processing
20th April they send me letter that they got my medical and to complete the medical assessment they request additional test x-ray , sputum smeard and cultures?.( I had launce infection at they age of 12.)
After 7 week of cultural result I got everything normal. That?s mean I m ok?
Dr. told me that they send my report week ago? my question is ? How long time it will take for further process?? can any one plz reply..............Thanks !!!!

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any one plz.. help me by advice.....its almost 3week´s but not showing received in Ecase ??????
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