re-entry visa to canada with student visa..

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Subject: re-entry visa to canada with student visa..
  this is very complicated question.. please hear me out..

I am Iranian and I hold student visa in Canada. I wanted to see my mother in Iran for past Christmas, I applied for re-entry visa which takes 30 days. after 30 days, my passport didn´t come! i had to cancel my ticket and everything. my mom was devastated since she hasn´t seen me for 2 years. 4 month passed and I didnt receieve my Passport. the Buffalo consulate did not answer any phone call, so I emailed them, I got a reply that they have sent my passport after the 30 day and if i havnt got it yet, it means it is lost!!!!! So i went to police and filed a report. send the report and necessary applications to my country´s embassy and got a new passport. a week after i got my new passport, my lost passport showed up at my door, (almost 5 month after they have sent it)

well, now in my new passport i didnt have any student visa and i didnt have re-entry visa. and my old passport had both of them!!! so i applied for re-newing my student visa and i applied for another re-entry visa, so i could at least go for summer to my country. ( my mom has gotten very sick and she has anxiety attacks and she is getting worse) now the 30 days is up and i got my passport! BUT, they have not granted me the re-entry visa and they have attached a letter which says they wont give me visa because it seems like i want to stay in Canada. I dont know what to tell my mom. she is waiting for me so bad, i have ticket for 10th of July.

now my question is, Do you think I can travel to my country with my old passport which has a re-entry visa in it? do you think they will stop me at the border as in this passport has been lost?

please please help me in this matter, tell me what should i do? i am so confused, and i am so worried about my mom.... i have to go see her, it has been almost 2 years and 7 month that i havnt seen her...
please please help

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You cannot travel on your old passport and even if you manage to leave Canada you will not be able to enter Canada as they already have the relevant details.
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No you cannot.

Once CIC sent you a letter explaining that a the re-entry permit was denied that information goes to FOSS and your old visa is already cancelled.

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