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Subject: Canadian Student visa with Immigration

I have filed for Canadian Immigration since three years and it is still in queue. Now I want to apply for student visa in Canada for next year. Is it possible and how should I go about it. Iam married and we belong to a business family.

Thanks Ritika

Sponsor dependent children already in Canada (in reply to: Canadian Student visa with Immigration)
Hello everyone,
My mom is going to marry a Canadian citizen and he is willing to sponsor my mom, I and my younger brother to immigrate to Canada. Right now i am studying college in canada. So what would be the procedure for me to submit the application? Do I have to send them passport once everything is done to get it stamped, then go through the port of entry at the same time with my mom to obtain the permanent residence? Do I have to undergo police and medical check (I came here since 17 years old).
Please consult me more on this. Your replies are highly appreciated.


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