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Subject: Temp Residence and work permit
  I am a self employed architectural 3d graphics artist. I´ve worked for myself for 10 years, and before that for two architectural practices. I also have a wife and two small children and we are South African citisens.

Now, we are planning to go to Canada next year (2008). First off, we want to go as temporary residents and buy a house (cash) in Canada. Then of course, I want to do the same work as before, and get clients (mainly architects and property developers).

Now, my questions are:
1. Is it feasable, to stay in the country as temporary residents (with work permit) and then apply for permanent residence, while we are there?
2. Would we be able to extend our temporary residence visa, every six months, until permanent residence is approved?
3. Would I be able to get a temporary work permit for 2 years?

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Your going about it slightly the wrong way.

First apply for a work permit and obtain same after a company gets permission a LMO to hire a foreign national like yourself. Your kids get student permits and your wife an open work permit.

If after being admitted for one year you wish to apply you to extend work permit they will give a LMO for two years.

You may apply at Buffalo RPC or your own visa post. If you find employment you may also do the PNP route and get a certificate from the province. NB may be a great option for you to open a business there.

The work permit is faster. Telling the Visa officer your intention is to buy a house whether true or not would probably get you a refusal for temporary status.


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