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Subject: Visit requirements
  Under normal circumstances we can visit Canada without a visa i.e. fly in or cross from US with a US rental car for a short vistit.

We hold British overseas territory passports (residence is Bermuda)

Through a US LLC we own an RV (registered in a US state), which we plan to do a trip to Alaska, through Canada, in the not to distant future.

Will the RV present any complications, other than normal inspection procedures, at a US/Canada border crossing because of our citisenship & the fact that the vehicle is owned indirectly by us through a US LLC?

Triangle Drifter
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No problem.

If you are legally in the USA, you may visit Canada, on route to Alaska. You will need to have a current passport, for each of you. The vehicle has to have a Internationl Insurance card that shows that it is insured while in Canada. Check with your US insurance broker get the proper insurance card for "Canada ".

Bring no firearms. Have any personal medications in their original drugstore containers. Bring no meat or fruit into Canada. Buy needed fresh meat and fruits in Canada once you have crossed the border. Exchange your US money for Canadian at any bank in Canada. American credit cars, except Discover are accepted in Canada. ATMs are found everywhere here, and accept Visa and Mastercard cards.

Remember that Canada, along with the rest of the world, uses the Metric measurement system, so gas is in litres and distances are in kilometres, unlike the USA.

Enjoy your time in Canada and make sure to get up to date MAPS of Canada .

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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