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Subject: London, Ontario
Does anyone know where I could get information about the city of London in Ontario ?? any good website ? i am searching for it but could not find good sources of info.


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I´m looking for such information as well. I´ve heard London, ON is a very nice, livable university town with all the benefits and activities of overly-congested Toronto.
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London is a good city; way better than Toronto with almost all of the amenities, if you can manage a job ofcourse. It is small city but jobs aren´t that frustrating (not professional level though.

I visited there many times as my sister lives as a physican there. I like the city and wouldn´t mind settling there given a job in my field. It gets probably more snow than Toronto and snow cleaning facilities are a bit poor & slow.

Real estate price is cheaper than Toronto, but not very much.

(in reply to: London, Ontario) - , loNDON IS a good city to live, clean, safe and beautiful

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