Which way to apply would be best?

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Subject: Which way to apply would be best?
  Just found this board and I hope someone here can help me,.

I have a girlfriend and a son who live in Ontario Canada right now. The relationship is in limbo (separated) over but we are getting along and I want to be there for my son and her other children.

So now I need to know what would be the best way to apply? I am not a business owner or entrepreneur or self-employed. My son is only 4 years old.

I was just discharged from a CH. 7 Bankruptcy, will that affect the application?

I just started a great paying job in Michigan (hard to get nowadays) Will I face any hassle traveling back and forth to this job while applying?

The girlfriend does not work, she is a stay at home mom right now. The other children´s father covers some of the basic expenses and I have been covering what I can.

Before anyone says this is a messy situation, I know.
If I could get her to change her mind about me and we could get back together could she sponsor me?

Another question, can one of my buddies over in Canada sponsor me somehow?

Thanks in advance

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I will do my best to answer your questions -

your friend cannot sponsor you. There is no such CIC classification.

as for your girlfriend - you need to be married or living common law for 1 year to begin the sponsorship process. She would be financially responsible for you for 3 years. Under family class sponsorship, economic status is not taken into consideration.

You will need to convince CIC that your ralationship is genuine and not be for the purpose of immigration.

Living in Canada and commuting to the US while your application is in progress may prove problematic.

the way I see it, you need to get married to this woman, have her sponsor you while living in the US - assuming she is willing and you can prove the relationship is genuine. Having children together is not good enough.

other option - come to Canada on your own merits.

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