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Subject: landing and USA visa

I have USA L1 Visa till NOV-07. After that my company will renew my petition and I´ll get a new 1-94. But I´m not sure if after nov-07 I´ll be able to go to canade, land and come back to usa.

I really hope to do ´landing´ in canada before that nov-07 and come back to usa and then renew my H1.

What if I don´t get the canada immigration before nov-07 and then suppose I ´land´ in canada in dec-07. Then since I´ll be on new i-94 (and probably a singlr-entry visa) will I be able to come back to USA or not? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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If you belong to the revalidation country list then you don´t have any problem.. I had the same situation and my country belongs to revalidation list and I had no problem.
landing and USA visa (in reply to: landing and USA visa)
I belong to India.

So in december (say) can I come back to usa from canada based on an extended I-94, even though the visa is expired in november?

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