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Subject: Immigration question to Canada.
  I have been living in the US for 17 years and still have not been able to obtain legal documentation to work. I have two college degrees in Biology and Chemistry but have not been able to utilize them. I am looking towards starting a new life in Canada because I don´t want my life to be hold on any longer. So my question is do I have to have an "alive" status in the US in order to immigrate to Canada lawfully? If so, am I able to be sponsored by any company (of course related to my field of study)to obtain a work permit? And if I do obtain a work permit, am I able to adjust my status to a permanent resident. How long would this process take? Thanks in advance for you responses!
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first, you must prove to CIC that you originally arrived in the US legally. Being out of status after that does not seem to be of serious concern.

How do you intend to find a work permit in Canada if your resume cannot be validated? What sort of work do you anticipate finding in Canada?

If you have not been utilizing your field of study for the past 17 years, I am unclear how your work experience would prepare you for the Canadian job market.

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Ok, I did arrive legally originally but I just overstayed my visa. I can tell the university to send in my proof of B.S. degrees to the CIC. Preferably, I´m hoping to do work in the pharmaceutical field but willing to take on any position as an entry level chemist of any field. I just graduated from college last I´d be damned if I couldn´t use my degree for 17 years. I´m 24 so I´m thinking I gotta make the move while I still got some youth in me. I saw the point system on the CIC website but i´m guessing i got to contact a canadian immigration lawyer right? Any solid advice?
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You do not need a canadiam immigration lawyer to immigrate. The CIC made the application process easy to understand and the forms easy to fill.

Go to the CIC website and you will see for yourself.

Of course it is your choice whether you wish to hire a lawyer. Maybe in your case it is a good idea, it is a personal choice, you must know better what is best for you!

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either you have enough points or you don´t. there is a self test that you should take. 67 is break point. Anything less and no amount of lawyering will help.
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I am in a similar situation. But, how do you plan to find a work in Canada without being able to be present at interviews?
I imagine most companies would not hire without seeing potential employees in person?

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Something dosen´t add up here.

You say that you are 24 years old, and have NO Immigration status in the United States, and that you arrived there 17 years ago. That would have been when YOU were 7 years old? Who brought a 7 year old to the USA with no papers ?

You say that you have TWO college degrees? At age 24 ? How did you get into a US college, with NO immigration approval? Either you used phoney identification or you assumed someone eles´s identify to do that.

In any case , your story is hard to believe.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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Of course my parents brought me who else? I mean I was seven years old. We came on a tourist visa and applied for permanent residence through my uncle. My parents are getting it soon, but not me because I´m over 21. I was a child when they applied so I gotta be a considered a child (under 21) to get the permanent residence. Anyways, I was fortunate enough for my parents to pay for my college expenses, but I can´t use my degree. That should clear things up Jim. Now if you got some solid advice that would be great.

Now I checked the CIC website and it only gives 10 points for having a job here. So let´s just say you lost 10 points. They count more towards work experience. Now, here´s the thing. If you put yourself through removal proceedings in the US, the government will issue you a work permit for the time you are in court processing. I know personally that you can delay removal for about 2 to 6 years depending on how well you present your case and situation. Anyways, my plan is to put myself through proceedings, get the work permit, work my ass off as a chemist, get at least 2 years of work experience, and then apply for Canadian permanent residency. The more work experience you have, the more points you get. If I get lucky, perhaps they will pass the DREAM Act and I will get to stay. So anyways by that time, I will be considered an economic contribution. I´m tired of doing meaningless work and waiting for something to happen. I know you feel the same Daria, but since the government doesn´t want to give us a chance...I´m going to take a chance. =)

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