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My husband is sponsoring me from Canada and I am in India. I submitted my passport for stamping to CHC in New Delhi and it was delivered to them on June 4, 2007. Till now, i have not received my passport or a response from the CHC. The e-cas status is also showing ?In Process?.

Please let me know if this normal or is something amiss.

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Its normal. You should get it back soon as E-cas shows "Decision Made". Chk E-cas every monday afternoon.
I am in the same boat too.

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hi i was just curious as to how long it took for your case to be processed in delhi
i am canadian born, sponsoring my husband, the inital part in canada took 19 working days, now that it has been forwarded to delhi i was wondering how long of a wait we are looking at?

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My file reached Delhi in first week of April and my passport reached CHC on June 4.
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