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  Hello everybody,
I applied for my Canadian PR in first week of April, 2007 and recieved my AOR on May 23, 2007. I was also asked to take the IELTS. I requested my score to be sent by courier directly to the immigration center so I presume they have received it. My question is how do I follow-up with CIC regarding this matter. Should I fax/email them to confirm whether or not they received my score? Or will they contact me?
Thank you

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I would have send it myself alongwith a covering letter mentioning the file # rather than those IELTS ppl
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There is a provision through which I can send my IELTS score to the CIC directly. It includes my file number as well. Anyways I guess I´ll confirm with them whether or not they have recieved the score.
Thanks anyways..

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Most likely they will not confirm whether they have received the score or not. If you are really worried fax a copy of score report and you should be fine.
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