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Subject: ties to your home country
  How do you show "ties to your home country" when you left your own country 10 years ago, married someone from another far country, have a kid born in USA and worked in various countries around the world and actually never lived again in your own country ?

This is my case, I only have my parents in my home country but is that enough to show "ties" ??? I am applying for temporary work visa from USA with a PR application pending (still have a long way to go, AOR 3 months ago). I am afraid my temp visa will get rejected because of that reason.

Any advice ?

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You still need to show that you have significant ties to your home country or the country where you are applying for US visa. You must have bought some properties, vehicles, etc. Include them in your application. Also, you living in different countries and obeying the visa conditions imposed on you is a positive mark on your file.
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Thanks Anonymous

I still don´t understand what to do.
Yes in USA I have a car, bank accounts, credit cards but I am here on H-1B so as soon as I leave I can´t return to USA. This is my concern.

I do not have ties really anywhere!! I used to change countries every 2 years. I have now been in USA for 4 years ...

The temp work visa for Canada requires to show ties to your home country and with my PR pending it does not help. I don´tknow what to do! Any idea ? I am sure I am not the only one.

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Having Car in US or bank accounts means nothing as you can always import your vehicle in no time.

Try showing that if you have to go back to your home country you will not have problems in settling in which would mean ancestral property, family ties, etc. As I said before since you have stayed in different countries and obeyed the laws it should work in your favor.

Canadian visas are much difficult to get than US as they do not involve interviews in most cases but if the file is self explanatory then its a smooth sailing.

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Why are you very bothered about ties to your original country?
If you have valid H1B visa in USA, you can get the TRV to Canada. I did. Follow the instructions on the website about the documents they need.
Your Passport
USCIS approval of your H1B
Bank statement
Visa fees
Letter from your employer
Recent paystubs
And you dont have to lie about your pending PR application. Lots of people get the TRV to Canada just to get the H1B visa stamp on their passport.
So stop sweating - go get it

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Thanks Anonymous, I think that is what I have to do. If I have to go back then show that I would not have any trouble to settle in. That is the only solution, thanks for guiding me in this, I have more confidence now that I know that.

Thanks JohnD for your reply. My question was related to my temporary worker visa not TRV, my H-1B will become invalid once I quit my job in US to move to Canada, that is why I was concerned about showing ties to my home country as it is a requirement for Canadian temporary worker visa.

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If I may ask, if your H1B is valid, you can still return to the USA, unless there are more issues than what you disclosed here. Do you mean that you are quitting your job in USA permanently or for some time?

Meanwhile, I am on H1B too.

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Yes my H-1B is still valid until 2009. But once I quit my job here in US, it stops to be valid right ? And I have 10 days to leave the US after that.

That is why I need to make sure that my temporary worker visa in Canada will be accepted, I don´t plan to quit my job before knowing that but I may have to give a notice to my employer.

"Showing ties to home country" was my concern in that process, I guess I have to follow what Anonymous said. I have no other choice

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I want to apply for Canada temporary visa.....to attend youths
conference there in Canada.....and i only have a letter of recommendation from my school Registrar....to submit it with my visa application, I hope this will help me as a country ties........since am a young applicant.
Any words of advice on this please.
best regard,

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hi guys,my wife is a 2nd year student in canada i am the sponsor.now i applied for a trv to visit her during xmas holiday with our 2 children to my suprised we were denied visa .the excuse was that i did not supply them with enough home ties and they cannot guaranteed i will return.i submitted letter from employer,my bank account,the children bank account,fixed deposit contract,dollar account plus a landed property plan still they claimed no home ties.they wrote in the letter that i can apply when my circumstances improved.please advice what do i do.
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