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Subject: Rejected - Please Advice "URGENT"
  We got a letter today saying our application is rejected under Skilled Category.

The reason given by CIC is at the time of interview when asked when will we move to Canada if given a visa, our answer was, will get a landed immigrant status first and move two years later and when questioned why by the officer, we explained due to end of service benefit which my spouse will get in full if he works two years as it?s a milestone for him and the fact our stock investment has gone sour but will mature in two years and plus we are not comfortable leaving our investment behind in Middle East. And we would like to move to Canada with maximum money possible under the circumstances.

We were honest in our answer but the Officer did not appreciate it and rejected our application on basis of Subsection 70 (1) (b) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPA) and Subsection 11 (1) of the Act.

What recourse do we have now, can we appeal? If so what is the procedure or should we hire a lawyer and what are our chances.

Thank you

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there is no appeal option on a skilled worker application.


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Will engaging a lawyer will be of help.

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Like others who ask on this forum WHAT WAS YOUR TIMELINE????

You had to know that you would be waiting for at least two years (processing time) and that you had no intention of immigrating for another two years after that time.

Why on earth were you applying for PR status when you submitted your application? You had no intent to immigrate AT THE END OF THE NORMAL PROCESSING PERIOD.

One does not get in line for the bus if they have no intention of getting on the bus and going nowhere!

The officer is right 70 (1) (b)

Ask yourself this SIZE


70. (1) An officer shall issue a permanent resident visa to a foreign national if, following an examination, it is established that

(a) the foreign national has applied in accordance with these Regulations for a permanent resident visa as a member of a class referred to in subsection (2);

(b) the foreign national is coming to Canada to establish permanent residence;

(c) the foreign national is a member of that class;

(d) the foreign national meets the selection criteria and other requirements applicable to that class; and

(e) the foreign national and their family members, whether accompanying or not, are not inadmissible.


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whatever your reasons were, your only option now is to apply again and hope that the timing is more convenient for you.
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Roy & Sharon

Thank you for your reply. I never said we dont want to immigrate all I said we will land in Canada get our landed certificate and return back in a year or two at the most.

Well we are back to the drawing board I guess. Honesty did not really pay here.

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how do u know that was the only reason have u got a written reply
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Guys! This poor family got rejected and I think they is expecting at least some sympethy if not a solution...

However, Roy, all your points are correct. The answer given by Size was wrong!

And yes, there is no way to appeal and no point in reapplying!


Almost Perfec!!
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there is no penalty for a rejected application - you are free to try again. This was not the only point where CIC could have said no. If it looked like they were making a temporary land and returning home for an extended period of time, the border staff would also have the perogative to decline the landing.

Honesty is always the best policy. Sometimes the truth hurts.

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There is no penalty for a rejected application. However, I would not reapply and spend another 5 years in agony if my application was refused the first time!!
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If in Size´s position, I would contact the immigration officer and/or processing consulate immediately and request reconsideration of the decision.

I would explain that our intentions are really to land immediately upon granting of visa, and that our answer at the time of the interview was incorrect and impulsively given without full thought and consideration.

Nothing to be lost by trying, and really no other alternative.


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