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Subject: Interview waiver (my reasons)
  Dear there,

Thanks for your reply,
My reason for not be able to attend an interview is because I am a Palestinian Citizen living in gaza Strip, I was travelling to egypt for doing the TEF exam but when i decided to return home there was a military turnover in gaza strip and i am stuck near the border between egypt and gaza strip (the border are closed for more than 40 days). and if i enter i will not be able to travel again for the coming months, and i expect an interview call in the next couple of months. so if anyone can give me a solution if they call me for an interview and can?t attend it.
i think i have given a strong reason for not being able to attend an interview.

hope receiving a reply.
thanks again

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Dear there,

I applied in Paris as a skilled worker in september 2002, and still waiting for an interview call / waiver.

I want to know my chances of getting an interview waiver and these are some info:

- I gathered 77 points
- 32 years old
- 7 in IELTS (in all skills)
- 4 in TEF (in all skills)
- 8 years of experience as a programmer
- have a bechalor degree in computer science

So I have a complete and a perfect application, but I want to avoid an interview because I could?t attend it (very difficult situation that prevent me of attending an interview)

I want to know what are my chances of getting an interview waiver. and if they call me for an interview and I couldn?t attend it could this result in a refusal?.

I need a response from anyone that can help


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More likely CIC will NOT waive your interview. However once your presence is requested by a Visa Officer, you have to provide a reason and supporting documentation about why you cannot attent the interview IN THAT OFFICE. If the officer is satisfied with that she/he will tell you what to do. Make sure that your supporting documentation actually supports what you are saying otherwise, ain´t going to be pretty.

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Why would an interview not be waived IF the application is as "perfect"/ well organized - with all supporting documents provided, as the applicant claims? (Unless it was for quality assurance purposes, of course).
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