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HI ,

We are about to pay the RPRF and we were wondering if we had to pay ($415 each) only for my husband and me ? What about the kids ( age 4 and 1) ?

We searched trough CIC website but could not find anything .

Please help. this is very urgent!!!!!

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Effective 16th July, RPRF is changed to $490 USD same as CAD. Check Buffalo´s website for confirmation. Not sure about kids, it should be there.
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check this link out:

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I checked the link above and it doesnot say any change in fee ( from can$ 490 to us $490) . the fee is still can$490 for the principal applicant and his spouse, no fees for dependants,children ....

i could not find anything related to this july 16th fee change. please give me the link to buffalo s web site to confirm.

We already send the fee ( us$415 x 2 ) only for me and my husband yesterday by money order. in case we have to pay a fee for the kids or in case we need to complete our fees ( from us$415 to us$490 ) how do we proceed?

thank you all for your help

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I had a same situation where I couldn´t send the required fees as published as that time Canada has halfed the fees.. I sent an email to the visa processing office.. and they send me an email stating how much balance I need to send them.. I sent them new money order with cover letter.. stating my application # and all... Hope this will help.

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