My residence and my marriage

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Subject: My residence and my marriage

I just finished university in Ottawa U, Ontario, and was looking to
apply for a work permit but my residence application is in process,
and the official told me in any moment I could have a decision.

I got married one year ago with a Canadian citizen, but we are
going to be married by the church in Mexico in August 18, 2007. Then
Im in Mexico doing the procedure for the Wedding, and just now
I received the requirements of passport and other documents because
I was accepted.... and they are gong to send me the permanent
residence visa with due date August 15,...where is my problem?

What happen if they require my presence before August 15 (weeding is
on Saturday ).. Can I go to Canada to land in August 15 or some
day before and immediately leave Canada for my wedding and honey moon
and return Canada in September 3, 2007? What kind of problem can I
run into?

Please can you help me....
I appreciate any suggestions....

Thanks a lot.

Ivonne Zarza
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