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Subject: Attention: Mr. Roy
  Mr. Roy,

I have worked continuously from 1998 to August 2004 since then I have taken a break to pursue other interests for personal reasons. Also please note am planning to take up a job shortly. Am I eligible to apply under skilled category?

Will appreciate your in put, thank you.

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I am not Mr. Roy but will try to answer your query.

For skilled worker application all work experience within last 10 years is counted. So, if you apply now some or all of your experience will be counted depending on when your application comes up for processing. Not having worked for some years may not look good on your application but is generally harmless as far as your pr application is concerned. However, visa officer might want to know how you are going to find a job in Canada if you cannot find a job in your own country.

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I´m not Mr. Roy, I´m Mr. Kellogg or just Roy.

Common sense has to prevail here. You may have burnt out and sailed around the world or you may have been playing house with someone making far more money then you used to make.

OTHER INTERESTS can be anything.

Just tell them when you apply why you chose to be without employment for a while. Since you claim your going to be starting a position shortly it would be advisable to apply after you start your new position just to make the section with employment appear better.


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