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Subject: Australia or Canada BS

Why do you and some others run down Australia every chance you get! Its clear your never stepped foot in that country as your statements are made by someone who knows nothing of the great southern land!

Its not all hot and desert! The climates very a great deal depending on were you choose to live! Not like Canada were you get bitter cold or rain! You say most of the population lives near the coast and that true! However Australia in not a crowded cesspool like the good old USA! And doesn´t most of Canada´s population live on the US border? Now what would I prefer? Living next to the US border or beautiful beaches? HMMMM That´s a tuff one! Yes we have water restrictions but no worse then other countries like you own native USA! You can still wash your car and water your garden. You just have to follow simple rules so water is not wasted!
As for being flat and boring your wrong again! The whole east coast of Australia has Mountains! And we even have SNOW!

And for people who say Australians a raciest! that´s total BS! Australians open their arms to hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year! So you seen race riots on TV in Australia two years ago right? Well you only seen the foreign media´s version. Perhaps you should watch this clip about how some of the immigrants treat Australia!

I´m not saying Australia is better then Canada or any other country! It all comes down to ones own personal preference!

So don´t make false statements on another country when you don´t really have a clue!

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People make comments based on government policy and actions of that countries people. When you stand for something sign your name apparently Richard did.

I for one will stand by the fact that Canada is far more immigrant friendly then OZ but Canada is not perfect. At least Canadian´s are trying to be better.


Some Immigrants to Australia stay less than a year then go home. (in reply to: Australia or Canada BS)
I will tell you this, based on my personal emails with people from the United Kingdom, who went thru the long process to get to Austrlian ,and then were treated so badly byu Australian people that they went back to the UK in less than a year´s time.

The harrassment was so bad that they pulled their children aged 12 and 9 from the local school as they were being beaten up on all most daily basis. The man was employed in a technical engineering company and he had several incidents where he was insulted and mocked by his own fellow workers, based on his "funny Pommy accent " and his lack of interest in "Australian sports teams ´ and not wanting to go out drinking beer after work.

His neighbours shunned him and his wife, based on their "not being from Australia " and their choice of a Volvo car, instead of a " made in Australia car ".

They went back to Scotland, completely depressed and out thousands of pounds in money.

Australia is a great country, but unfortunately, it does have a certain percentage of it´s population that are out and out ignorant bastards, who give the rest of the country a "bad name ".

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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"Its not all hot and desert! The climates very a great deal depending on were you choose to live! Not like Canada were you get bitter cold or rain!"

Don´t complain about someone generalising your country´s climate when you do exactly the same thing to Canada in the same sentence.

"You say most of the population lives near the coast and that true! However Australia in not a crowded cesspool like the good old USA! And doesn?t most of Canada?s population live on the US border? Now what would I prefer? Living next to the US border or beautiful beaches?"

First of all, the USA is not Canada, and many people live in the most beautiful surroundings you can find in Canada - yes it is all down to personal preference, but don´t be annoyed at what someone complains about if you are going to to the same thing.

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Canadian Citizen,
your friend must have been a total wanker! My brother married a Scott and she loves Australia. Her sister and boyfriend came to Australia on working holidays from Scotland last year and love it so they applied for PR. My neighbour back in Australia moved into the house next door with his family from Ireland and loved it! Australia is full of British backpackers on working holidays and many say they would love to stay.

And you think Australian are ignorant bastards? I love how Canadians tell everyone they are the most loved nation on earth! Funny when they are the ones who make that statement, not the world!

You guys think Canada is so much better then every other country? Then why does Canada finish 6th on the UN´s Human Development Index? Australia always finish ahead of Canada!

Employment conditions are far better in Australia. Basic entitlement is a 38hour week, Paid sick days, 4 weeks annual leave and guaranteed 9% Superannuation payments. Yeah and a min wage around $14/h

What do you get in Canada? $7/h no sick days and 2 weeks holidays if your lucky! Great country!

Really I think Canadians are jealous of Australia and its climate.

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Anonymous at 189.238.41,

First, Roy is right. If you want to discuss an issue at least please provide a name (or handle). Using Anonymous is like yelling out from a crowd.

Your points regarding my comments about Australia are well taken and on target. Sorry mate. And you´re correct, I´ve never been there and should reserve such generalizations and judgments for the day I actually travel and visit down under. Nevertheless, in my view and humble opinion, Australia is quite desperate for water with an interior that is quite uninhabitable. I prefer the Canadian wilderness, with its wildlife, rugged terain, and plenty of water (although much of it frozen).

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Being born in a 3rd world country I have the bad luck of spreading my relatives and freinds all over the world. From them, apart of all statistics I have some idea about each countries towards the immigrants.

What Canadian Citizen mentioned is horrifying. If 10% of that is true then nobody really should migrate into Australia. As far as I know Ausssies are mostly british decendent, so I´m really surprized to read such incidents. I heard also some racial attacks on the minorities there, but not in that extent anyway. My keens are all even not English speaking, they are all colored, even bearing muslim names. I must have to admit that Canada has multiculture and doesn´t have racial problem that may lead to vilonece, at least till today. However, racial tension is increasing there, as with onslaught of immigrants immigrant communities are having an impression that they are intentionally being deprived by the majority (whites) of the soceity. I´m afraid that Canada may have severe impacts from this.

About job situation, I firmly believe that Australia is still better (of course 100% not by any supported stat, but their GDP rate & unemployement are always better than Canada). All of my keens there eventually got good jobs, many of them even didn´t have to go to schools there, landed in Govt. jobs.

I think Australia also has vast wilderness and a completely unique exhibition of wildlife. Infact, God bestowed all countries with something, it is upto you how much you enjoy it. Canada has Niagra, Australia also has Great Barrier Reaf. Ofcourse they have water problem, 7 years in a row they are having drought. That doesn´t mean Aus. is all over a desert. It has many agricultural land and dairy firms which earn them a substantial amount of foreign currency.

I don´t see any reason to invoke such childish skirmish about who is best. It is all upto you, all countries have +/-.

Australia or Canada BS (in reply to: Australia or Canada BS)
I have been living in Canada for 3 years now and I did have the choice between Canada & Australia. I chose Canada only because their Immigration came before Austalia. I encountered so many stories abt both countries, some good some bad, racicism being one of them. Somehow I wouldnt really buy too much into them coz some of them are exaggerated. Im sure Australia is great and has its own shortcomings but I wouldnt necessarily deem it Racist. It also depends a lot on how you blend into the culture of your host country without losing ur own roots. We have been very lucky (touchwood), I see a lot of racicism here in Canada too, a lot of is like an undercurrent but its there for sure. But then there are hundreds of people I have met who have made me feel very welcome and respected.
I Parihar
Canada or Australia? (in reply to: Australia or Canada BS)
Hi there.

This is a good forum especially today that I and my husband are thinking whether or not to move to Australia. We are independent immigrants to Canada and are currently living in Ontario. We´ve been here only two years.

Career-wise, we were quite surprised that we both need to upgrade our education in order to continue with our profession. My husband is a Mechanical Engineer but he needs to upgrade in order to have a license. Everything in Canada is so specialised, like they divide Engineering into so many fields-- one for Milwright, one for automotive, airconditioning, repair and maintenance, etc. In each field, there has to be a license or a certificate.

The benefits to the children are okay. The only thing I find difficult is that the couples here with children have to work on different shifts and have really to work hard... all the leaves are incorporated into a 14-day vacation leave.

Just the other day, we were told by an Australian immigration consultant that my husband is qualified to apply as an independent, skilled immigrant. We are now thinking (as holders of a permanent resident card) if it would be stupid for us to apply for an immigrant visa to Australia when we are already here in Canada.

Most of my immigrant friends have moved to Alberta but we do not want to do that.

The only objection I really get from moving to Australia is the feedback which I usually get, saying that there are many racists there. I must admit it´s almost the same in every foreign land, it´s just that it´s not obvious here in Canada. But if you would look all around, most of the "whites" are working in offices and most of the "colored" are working in factories. Here in Canada, most of my professional friends (some with Master´s Degree) are working in factories-- production or assembly line. Is it the same in Australia. If we move there, can my husband practice his profession or will he be assigned a blue-collar job?

Is it wrong for us to move to Australia even if we have just moved here in Canada two years ago?

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