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  Jim, I dont see any reason for you to be here. All your comments are stupid, rude, ignorant, racist, full of hatred/dislike and really show your poor choice of language, which make me feel you have a pinhead size brain!

We dont need you here on this forum! This forum is for those seeking help regarding immigration and those honestly willing to help such people.

Your posts are no solutions but create more tension on this forum. Your posts provide no special solutions which others cannot give.

I suggest you to sit back on your couch, relax and watch ice hockey!

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I do not know who you are and on which basis you are saying this about Jim.

My understanding is that Jim is a Canadian citizen who replies regularly to posts and who helps other people for free. His answers are very sensible and very useful. It is good to hear point of views from a Canadian citizen.

His valuable input should be appreciated by everyone.

Who are you to say this ? If you don´t like what he says then ignore him, instead of writing bad things about him.

Its called freedom of speech, a Canadian tradition. (in reply to: Jim B. Toronto)

I know that this will come as a big surprise to you, but the internet is free for all people to use. This website is also free for all people to use.

Pehaps in your country censorship is the common practice, but in Canada, people are allowed to expres their opinons, freely. Feel free to NOT read my posts here.

CBV333 has given you some very good advice. Follow it.

Jim B. Toreonto.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
Thanks for the support. (in reply to: Jim B. Toronto)

Thanks for your support.

Of course my efforts to help Immigrants, on other websites will not show up here, but rest assured that I do actually advise and offer "real life " information to people who are coming to Canada.

In the past two years, I have hosted a total of 13 people in my home, who were here in Toronto, for a " look around " and of that number 7 are now living in Canada. I don´t hold myself out as a Immigration lawyer, or a Immigration consultant, BUT I do know my country and how to find information and resources for newcomers.

Obviously the original poster is entitled to his opinion, but you will note that my reply to him didn´t contain any insults about his intelligence, nor comments about his motives here. I think that shows my ability to make a point without resorting to insults, yes ?.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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I´d like to chime in if I could here. I too value Jim´s opinions and contributions here, and most of the time I´m glad he´s here.

Yet at rare times I tend to agree with Raju´s view in that Jim can be occasionally rather blunt with people he believes don´t deserve immigration status or should not come to Canada. I wish he´d mitigate that very occasional attitude a bit, and try to be a little more empathetic and tolerant to everyone regardless of their unorthodox questions/comments.

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please don´t go away. We need your advices. I personally have benefitted from them more than once and appreciate it.

From Kazakhstan

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Good to see Jim´s support. Really appreciable how he helps the new comers. Though I agree with Richard.

Raju, You should´ve explained or posted your comment with appropriate reference or context which may give you chance to justify.

Any one (who doesn´t own the site) start such post should always remember the sensible comment made by Jim "Feel free to NOT read my posts here".

There are good reasons for Jim to be upset, however I still think "Pehaps in your country censorship is the common practice.." like comment should be avoided. It may create unnecessary racial debate.

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Don´t go! I don´t think you intend to but yes I agree with MaratS and Richard. Your input is valuable and I am also glad you are here.

If some people don´t like it it is their problem. We lost Uniden because of this kind of post but I am sure you are smart enough to ignore all the bad posts.

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if prospective immigrants to Canada only want to hear the good stuff, or the stuff that suits them, then they have no right to be annoyed or offended when Canada does not turn out how they expect.

While Jim can be rather blunt at times, he brings a perspective that is realistic in terms of what someone may encounter upon arrival in Canada.

Freedom of speech and thought is percious (in reply to: Jim B. Toronto)
I have stayed out of this thread for a few days to allow all who wanted to post a comment, to do so.

The original poster has not returned to rebut the comments made by others, in support of me. Perhaps that is a clue that he is sulking.

In any case, I have noted the points made about me being too curt with some people here. I´ll try to be more pleasant in the future, while maintaining my personal persepective as a Canadian who is interested in the Immigration process, and how it may/will affect my country.

Thanks to those who wrote in my defence. It is appreciated.

JIm Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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Jim set a real civilized & gentle approach to response this post.

He deserves a big thanks from all, even from Mr. Raju.

Keep up your good work Jim.