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Subject: Sponsoring parents
  Hello all,

I do have a question about process in Beijing.
I am sponsoring my parents and it is in process in Mississauga. After the evaluation in Mississauga it will go to Beijing. Also, it takes about 3 years in Beijing.

Once the application is in Beijing, will they still check my income and all that. Do I have to maintain my income more than minimum? Can there be a break? What I mean is during that 3 years of waiting can I have no or little income in one of those years?

Thank you very much in advance


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KNEE HO (sp)

CIC will check your LICO (low income cut off) whenever and you must meet that cutoff. If you have additional children and your family size grows whic of course will affect your LICO it will show up from the information they get from Revenue Canada.


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Roy is absolutely correct.

I know that CIC once in a while asks you to provide them with your most recent pay stubs..or so to proof income solvency.

But, that doesn´t mean that they´ll reject you for a short break. One of my freind was on EI for few months and that didn´t effect his application. Though don´t expect to be like that for a prolonged period.

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When CIC in Mississauga ask for update after 25 months, what do they ask us to provide specifically? C-printout, employment letter???

Thank you in advance

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I believe pay stubs.
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Seems they don´t. I got my sponsorship approval letter yesterday. (I applied in Jun 2005). They didn´t ask for any thing about my income before they send me the approval letter. Actually I´m currently on maternity leave and I was worry about it.
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Thank you for the reply Anonymous

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