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Subject: Urgent - Landing - Proof of Funds
  Hello Everyone,

I have just got my PR visa stamping done on my passport. I have enough funds to transfer to Canada from my home country & I have proof of this in Bank statements from my home country & the US.

However, in the US, I only have $2,000 worth in my bank & $6,000 in cash. I know that for a single individual immigrant --- the funds required are totally $10,000.

The questions are:

1. Can I land with just a total of $8,000 in the above mentioned combination or would I have to show $10,000 proof of funds from the US bank & cash when I land? I am planning to do my landing in a friend´s car, so I will not be flying in from my home country.

2. Also, I know that taking more than $10,000 outside the US by cash is not allowed. So how does one take this amount to land?

Please clarify & your genuine advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Congrats (in reply to: Urgent - Landing - Proof of Funds)
1st of all congrats on ur P.R visa , wat i still think at this time is ,dont take any risk in ur steps , take cash as much as u much(may be travellers cheques) , rest u can show them the bank statements ,

2ndly i want to ask u something , from where u had applied ur immigration , and under which category , and how much time did they gave u to land , and also the expiry date of ur P.R visa is d same when u had given d medicals ..?? , i will appreciate ur feedback ,

and dont worry , u will do fine , and congrats once again ....

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Don´t take risk , take the full amount required , I took in form of certified cheque and cash


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Different ways to take money: demand draft, money order, traveler´s cheques, etc. You can even use your US bank statements if your money is easily transferable to Canada.
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