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  Here is my question:
My spouse sponsor me and my daughter to settle in Vancouver, Canada. We going to land in next month. I have a brother in Calgary and he is asking if i can come and give him a hand to manage the business. I wonder if my application is to reside in vancouver with my husband (sponsor), can I and daughter move to another city and register my residence in Alberta for employment reason? Does that affect my immigration status?
Thank Roy and everyone

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u can live anywhere in canada except qeubec after landing
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How does your spouse feel about Calgary? Is the marriage over?

Technically you can reside in Alberta. If this is a marriage of convience MOC and you apply and obtain a divorce 14 months after Landing you will not be allowed to sponsor anyone else because they will assume that the original spousal sponsorship was a MOC and may take steps to remove you. If it is a MOC and no one tells or you do not sponsor someone else little can be done.

If it is just employment go for it.


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Mr Roy:
quote, "If it is a MOC and no one tells or you do not sponsor someone else little can be done."

Do you mean everytime someone reports a case of suspicion to Immigration, CIC would take it seriously and investigate in depth?

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The Canadian Immigration service has investigators whose job it is to look into any reported cases of immigration fraud. A " marriage of conveience " is a reason to investigate and it may result in the parties being deported from Canada, after a court hearing.

Each zone in Canada has a " investigation team " that is responsible for conducting investigations in that part of the country. Immigration investigators work with the RCMP and local Police to find and arrest people who are wanted for immgration act offences.

Once a person has been ordered out of Canada, the "removals unit " escorts them by airflight back to their home country, and hands them over to the Police in that nation for further investigation, as many of them are also wanted in their own country for criminal activities.

So yes the government of Canada does take reports of wrongdoing seriously.

JIm B.

Canadian Citizen
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Jim B

Thanks for reply. I hope they are as serious as you said. I have my reason to question their seriousness but I do respect your comment. I have personally known and seen cases where CIC and RCMP had never bothered to take them seriously. One of those, beyond any doubt, had arrived Canada with a fraudulent ID, and this was also reported to CIC. Are you interested in further details?

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If no one can prove you robbed the store and their are no witnesses and you told no one there is NO probative evidence of any wrong doing so why would it be investigated.

There is curently 400,000 undocumeted workers in Canada and approximately 40,000 undocumented construction workers in Toronto alone. They can´t find them.

MOC are investigated the following way. If you are suspected of a MOC and come to the attention of CIC by your IMM 1344A Undertaking of assistance form which shows when your previous marriage ended and how long after the person you sponsored landed. Your new partner application will be put on hold until they call the sponsor into to be interviewed by a local office after Mississauga CPC reviews the facts.

Any sponsor who is innocent can submit police reports of domestic situations or local city victims of domestic violence services to overcome what appears to be a MOC.

No one is escorted out of Canada unless there is a valid reason or crimminality is involved. Too many removals to escort everyone.


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hmmmmmm...My head is mixed up and spinning now between Jim and Roy. The brief summary is this: Someone sponsored his spouse with a child acompanying (total of two). After one year or even less, they divorced. After nearly two years, the divorcee (the sponsored or sponsoree) got married again. To whom? to someone who, by all the measures, could not arrive to Canada using normal legal channels. The only optimistic option was that the person claimed refuge at the border. But CIC normally hold the claimant´s ID and passport. so how could they get married immediately after arrival and without those ID (held by CIC)?. The original sponsor was still responsible for 10 years undertaking. He got angry and reported the story as it is to RCMP and CIC. But the new partner has been around still (absolute freedom). And before anyone jump with the question:"how do we know the story is correct?", I am a witness and can say it is almost correct and I am with the false Id or fraudulent passport theory...more than the refugee claim.

Based on reality, I am with Roy opinion...I agree. But also I am with Jim as idealistic in principles. So where is the truth here?

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It is a little off topic but I want to clarify a couple things.

Actually, the "investigation team " is called CBSA.
Sorry Jim but in order to escort a deportee out of Canada would be if this person is a flying risk or there is an internation capture order against the suspect. (And there would be another investigation from CBSA to make sure that if the person that is going to be deported his/her live is not in danger once he/she lands back home and the proper hearing and bla bla bla is done).

Some people will be escorted to the aircraft FROM the dentention centre, either because there have been refused of entry and they had to spend the night or nights in there until flying arrangments are made.

When a removal order is enforced, a person is arrested under the criminal code of Canada, it is transfer to the detention centre by any law enforcement agancy and then is deported (escorted to the aircraft by a CBSA agent).

There is no such a thing as arrested in your work place and escorted to their home country.

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The posting left too many questions not answered!

Why would the wife not want to be with the husband in Vancouver?
Does the husband want her and his step-daughter/daughter to live in Vancouver or Calgary?
Is the husband sponsor willing to move to Calgary, Alberta and live as husband and wife?
etc. etc.

When it comes to protecting my clients interests I get too passionate sometimes.

Currently I am fighting on behalf of two clients who are being accused of a Marriage of Convenience and their partners are stuck in a processing nightmare because CIC is Investigating why their previous marriages failed. Whether or not they entered into a MOC the first time. They have evidence they did not and one is facing a admissability hearing and may loose his status in Canada.

Two days ago I had potential client who got married by PROXY and sponsored his wife. He got married over the telephone because he could not afford the cost of the flight back home. She arrived and two months later they seperated and a year after that they got divorced legally.

Soon after they seperated he went home about three times each time for about four months. When he applied for his Citizenship his case is being Investigated. Not because he did not meet the residency requirements.

I think he got paid to marry the daughter of Immigrants who was excluded from the FC application based on her age. I refused to take him as a client. MOC hurt others.

Many marriages fail and not because they are a MOC but CIC thinks all are guilty until proven innocent. I just want to stop the practice of using the spousal sponsorship application to get to Canada at any cost. IT HURTS PEOPLE INVOLVED IN REAL MARRIAGES IF THEIRS FAIL BECAUSE OTHERS BIEW THE FAILED MARRIAGE AS A MOC BECUASE OTHERS ENTER INTO THIS PRACTISE.


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Thanks Roy

I know the thread is coming to its end. From what you said, it seems that Jim B was correct in part of his post, that CIC take things seriously. We were included in the investigation of the above case by CIC and RCMP (as witnesses). When I repeatedly ask for more information, I was always given the frustrating answer " due to Privacy Act and blah blah blah, we can only confirm that Mr X and Mrs Y have a file with CIC..and that file has been investigated by RCMP, CIC and CBSA...)

But no action has been taken although I know for sure that this person could only come to Canada using a false ID. Also he was born in a country with big red flag when it comes to background and security.
Again I thank you for your valuable time.