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Subject: PR and Quebec - confused
I am confused by reading one of the post. Maybe I misunderstood.

Once you have obtained PR and you are in Canada. Can´t you just work anywhere in Canada ? So can you go to Quebec ?

Please clarify I am confused about this Quebec thing. Thanks

Quebec has it's own set of rules for Immigrants. (in reply to: PR and Quebec - confused)
The Province of Quebec has it´s own set of rules for Immigrants to apply to go to that Province, using the Quebec Governments help. They are looking for those who speak French as a FIRST langauge, so they will fit into the French speaking Province of Quebec more easilly.

Yes if you have a PR status, you can go where you want in Canada, BUT if you don´t speak the French language very well you will not be able to get along in Quebec´s working society. In many parts of Quebec, French is the ONLY language that is spoken by the people . So if you can´t communicate well in French, I´d forget about moving to Quebec.

Does that help to explain things better?

Jim B.

Canadian Citizen
(in reply to: PR and Quebec - confused)
Thanks Jim B.

I knew you would provide a sensible answer.

I am a French-native speaker, this is why I asked the question. I was wondering whether I can increase my chances of finding a job if I go to Quebec once I get my PR.

I don´t know what is best at this moment, my spouse does not speak any single word of French.

I would like to have a bilingual job so I wondered if Quebec had some restrictions for jobs for new immigrants.

Or perhaps bilingual jobs are more sought in other provinces ?? Do you know ? Thanks for your answer

(in reply to: PR and Quebec - confused)
In addition to Quebec, you might also look into New Brunswick, which is Canada´s only officially bilingual province. We´ve also noticed that many if not most professional jobs in Ottawa require bilingualism, due to the fact that the capital city is on the border with Quebec (and indeed many of its suburbs are in Quebec).
Look at Government jobs, Federal or Provincial (in reply to: PR and Quebec - confused)
You will be able to do very well, anywhere in Canada , as a native French speaker, who is also quite fluent in English.

Remember that all of the Provinces in Canada are legally required to provide services to the public in French where there is a need to do so. That represents a significant job pool for you to look at.

In a perverse irony, Quebec´s civil service operates in French "only ". Even when the Government of Quebec is dealing with other nations, such as the USA, their letters are in French only, as are their press releases. They act as if the whole world speaks French, which of course is not the case.

Arrogant? Yes very much so.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen

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