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Subject: Landing by car
I am planning to do landing in 3 weeks and i have couple queries hoping some one can help me out.

*I am planning to drive to Toronto from Boston to complete all the landing process and apply for PR card and return back to USA with in 5-7days.I want to do the landing before August 27th as per the deadline issued to me by the Canadian immiration. the reason i wanted go back is I am working with a company for past 6years and i can easily get transfered to Canadian branch in next 2-3 months,with transfer i would not loose my seniority and 6 weeks of paid vacation too.

*Will there be any issues with PR card mailing to my friends/relatives adress in canada and they could mail me to USA ?

thank you

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No issues of mailing PR card to your friends address in Canada. Many people do that. In fact, for the 1st few days, almost all have to use some kind of temporary address.
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Which is better -- I heard landing by car may not be very good because theres a possibility that they miss stamping your papers/passport?
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May be true. Last year my friend and his wife landed through Detroit/Windsor border. My friend´s paperwork went OK. But his wife´s SIN no. was denied because of incorrect paperwork processing at the POE. It took some time to fix that. However, I would say that is not a very common scenario.

More often I listen about wrong PR card picture issue.

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