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Subject: Parents passport sent to New Delhi
  Hi Folks,

I´m sponsoring my parents, they´ve done their medical during end of May and sent Passport, PPC etc first week of June 07. Still waiting to hear back from them or receive PPT and visa.

No changes online. Can you advise how long it takes in parents´ case and what would be next? Thanks.

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Hi Anonymous, if u had send ur passport on ur own after the medicals then it might take longer , bcos i also did d same thing , submitted my passport just after d medicals , and then they replied after 7 months to send d updated PCC?s again , and then i withdrawn my pp from d embassy for getting d PCC from d passport regional office , mean while i received a letter from d high commission again this time it was Passport request , so just hoping for d best time this time , usually everyone says it normally takes 40 - 60 days maximum to get the stamped passport upon their request . lets c , mine intensions r not 2 discourage anyone in this forum , just provide wat i had till now in my knowledge , but every case is diff from other , so if there is any other query or want ask something else , reply me on

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Thanks for the comment but I understand their service standards are different based on the category you are applying. In the case of independent/skilled category I´ve heard that it takes up to 7-8 months but have never heard that it takes this long for sponsoring parents. The most I´ve heard is 2-3 months and I was hoping someone would share who is in same boat.
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me & my parents have also sent the pp to new delhi embassy on june 29th...still no reply from if u got anything from embassy,plz post ur scrap immediately...we are on the same boat...looking fwd to u
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I think it depends on the province that how long it will take to get the visa after teh medical but I agree with Anonymous that they should only send what immigration ask, never send anything on your own.

I am in same boat, my father did medical in Dec 2007 and never heard back from them until now, donot know what is happening


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