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Subject: sponsoring spouse outside of Canada
I am sponsoring my spouse who lives outside of Canada
i sent the application over two weeks ago, but haven´t received any notification if my application has been received and of the file number.

Does someone know how long it should take? I´m a little worried because I heard it shouldn´t be more then a few days

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My timeframe. I submitted my application on june 4th, there was nothing on ecas until june 29 when it said "decision made" i called them and they told me that they had forwarded the application to the visa office abroad. In my case they started the processing and forwarded the application on the same day. In the first week of july i received a letter with my file number. Keep in mind as well that they only update the online database once a week.
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Hey, thanks for your reply.
i am a little confused.. What is the ecas? Is that the gov website online resource? and if so, how did you get information from there before you even received a case number?

and also... the first letter you got from them about receiving your file was a month after you have submitted your application, is that correct?

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Client application status. You can check to see if your case has been processed let by filing in your information (the sponsor and then using the number being with R000 from the top right hand corner of your IMM 5401 receit (that is the one that you received when you pay the fees before sending in your application. I was checking on-line fairly regularly to see if they had begun processing it. For the first couple of weeks nothing came up because my case had not been put in the system let. At the end of june i checked and it said "decision made, we began processing your case june 29th we made a decision june 29." Since it didn´t specify what the decision was i called them and they informed me they had forwarded my application to delhi.In the first week in august i received the letter, informing me of what the women had said on the phone, basically that i had been approved as a sponsor and that from their initial accessment the application was complete, along with a file number. Since then all it says online is that delhi received the application july 11th and has started processing it. These things take time, it´s just a matter of being patient. I am pretty sure they update their online database every monday afternoon.
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I don´t have a number that begins with R000 in my receipt (that is the receipt i got from them and paid at the bank), the number that i have begins with C00, and i can´t login with that for some reason..

perhaps you know if that is the correct number i should enter or could it be that they have not enter me into their system yet? how long did it take for you before you could log in?

Thanks again for your response

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try the one that starts with a c I paid my fees on-line so maybe that is why the number is different. It took around three and half weeks before i could see anything on-line. Before i sent in my application i was told that the average is about 32 working days to process the sponsorship part. Mine from the time my application was received to the time it was forwarded to delhi took 19 working days. I am not sure where your spouse it from but my husband just got a letter requesting his passport. According to ECAS they started processing his file there on July 11th. All things considered it goes pretty quickly and while i hate being away from him you have to take in consideration the volume of applications and all the work required in processing them. Best of luck.
Spousal sponsorship from the UAE (in reply to: sponsoring spouse outside of Canada)
THe Canadian embassy in Abu Dhabi have asked for a number of documents BUT at the same time are asking to cancel the UAE visa (30 days max you can stay in dubai)

They also provide no assurance that the visa will be confirmed because of the additional documents requested...so based on the information they will decide.

Can they ask a person to resign from a job without approving all the paper work?

If God forbid they say they require additional information and the 30 day stay grace period runs out in Dubai, he will have to return to India jobless.

How do you proceed with this?

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How can the Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi ask you to cancel your UAE visa? It´s not their jurisdiction to issue you one.
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