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  Lisa: We´re in a similar position as you, searching for a job from the US before making our move. We´ve found it difficult although not impossible to get interviews using our US address, but it does take sending out a lot of resumes. We´ve found that sending resumes and CVs directly to a contact person rather than through the impersonal internet forms that HR departments are so fond of results in more personal contact and interview possibilities. That has been our experience, at any rate.

It is certainly possible to do your job search from the US, but do be realistic and don´t expect that companies will be too eager to hire someone who isn´t yet in the country. As a former HR representative and a former business owner, I can understand their reluctance. We´ve recently lost out on one surefire opportunity because we didn´t already live there, and the hiring manager just couldn´t take the chance that we wouldn´t like it and would end up moving back to the US.

I don´t remember if you mentioned whether or not you´ve already landed and have your SIN, but it certainly would be helpful to have all your documentation in hand. Be sure to make it clear to every potential employer that they won´t have to deal with any immigration red tape; that you have it all taken care of and are legal to begin working immediately (or within a reasonable time). Moving expenses can also be a concern for employers when an applicant doesn´t already reside in the area, and it isn´t unusual for an employer to pass over a qualified applicant in order to reduce relocation red tape and HR headaches.

I definitely wouldn´t recommend using a false Canadian address, as it will conflict with your current employment status (you can´t, after all, live in Canada and be working in the US simultaneously, with the exception of nearby border towns). We have, however, used TWO addresses, one Canadian and one in the US, and included a note of explanation that the Canadian address is that our intended place of residence within a short time frame. We landed an interview for that position, by the way.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your search!

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Hi wannabecanadian,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I can understand that many people are in the same situation that is why I asked it in this forum.

No I have not landed yet, I am still in the USA working with my H1-B visa, I need to work a few months more just to make sure I have enough money and I haven´t given my resignation here.

I am suddently so scared to move without a job.

I have a science background but want to find a bilingual job (I am French-native speaker and fluent in English). I contacted an agency in Toronto and they told me eventually I have to be in Toronto before they can help me.

So yes you are right, being in the US does not help but then anyone knows HOW LONG IT TAKES to find a job ??

Maybe it is a stupid question. I am married and have a baby and my husband does not have a job either though it will be easier for me to get a job first.

I don´t know if it is wise to stay longer in the US before moving. I still have some time. At this moment we prefer to stay but we will have to move eventually.

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You are asking the million dollar question, of course, in how long it takes to get a job. Like everywhere else, it will depend on your profession, your experience, luck, good timing, and a host of other variables. It sounds like you have good qualifications, and I´d suggest beginning by scouring the internet for companies and cities that have multiple jobs in your area of expertise. Being bilingual opens doors in Canada; you might check Quebec, New Brunswick (the only officially bilingual province), and the capital city of Ottawa, which lies on the border of Quebec and which is home to many French speakers. I´m only guessing that cities with large universities would also be good places to check, particularly if you are in research and development.

Don´t be discouraged about the fact that you didn´t land one job. You don´t yet have your PR, making it very difficult for a company to be able to justify hiring you on the speculation that you´ll one day be able to legally join their firm. I would suggest waiting for your PR, at which point you can fire up a serious job search.

We are all taking a leap of faith when we immigrate; it´s part of the deal. I´ve had my fair share of worry lately as well about leaving a very stable environment here for the Big Unknown up north, but I guess ultimately we´ve been given this amazing opportunity, and I´m not about to squander it just because there are no guarantees. There never are, no matter where you are.

Wishing you the best in your decisions and your searches.

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My name is Abshir. I am having the same difficulties as your French friends. I am US citizen and desperately wish to live in Canada. I have been looking for job for the last 2 months. four of the employers reposnded, stating that I will not be considered unless I am in the country. My question is, how could I have working visa without a job? and vise vresa? I have four Candian citizens siblings residing in Ontario. They all sugesting for me to apply for the skilled worher´s visa, which will take a very long time depending on my qualification. I tried to apply for providential nomonie program, but I am not aligible because there is no job offer aligned. Can you shed some light on me?
My sister warned me from any immigration lawyers because she hates empty promises. They might cone or dube me to take my money waway and never deliver their promises.

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keep looking for that job. While you are at it, keep improving your english skills.
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