Marrying a Cdn citizen. Wanting to work.

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Subject: Marrying a Cdn citizen. Wanting to work.
  My fiance is an American and we´re getting married (in Canada) on Sept 1st. We´re expecting a child around Christmastime as well. He´s wanting to move up here, find a job, and eventually apply (sooner rather than later) for permanent residency status.
I´m confused about all the information I´ve been reading. Because he´s marrying me does that mean he can apply for an "Open work permit"? How long does it take to be approved? He was thinking of staying in the US and working until Oct/Nov if needed. Does he have to be in Canada to apply for the permit? Does he need to apply for anything else to live here? I heard something about a temporary resident visa.
Our main concern is that he´ll be able to support us once we are married.

Thanks for the help.

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you may wish to sit down before you read this.

you have 2 options for sponsorship. In Canada - it is taking a year or more in some cases for approval. Out of Canada - where your husband lives in the US during the application process. This route is faster but it means living apart. At best, you are looking at 6-8 months for an approval.

If he is in Canada, he cannot even apply to work until your application to sponsor has been approved in principle. He can then apply for an open work permit.

He is not eligible to work without some form of formal status. your timeline and order of events will need some adjustment.

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I just finished applying for my wife - also an American citizen. We submitted her application to CIC-Missassauga on Dec 27 2006 and she received her visa on June 10 2007. And, we also applied to the Bureau d´Immigration de Quebec simultaneously, which also added a couple of months to the whole process (and about $250).

The item that takes the longest is the FBI and individual state police clearances. My recommendation is to start working on them now! Our FBI clearance took 4 months. I heard that if you indicate that expedited processing is needed, that they can speed this up, but I don´t have any confirmation of how that works exactly.

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