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Subject: Best 10 places to live in toronto
Hi Guys. My wife and I - would be relocating to toronto from London UK. Pls can you tell me the top 10 places to live in Toronto.

What do you think of BarriE?

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That depends on where will you have your work.

Barrie is not a very good choice if you have to commute Toronto daily. Other than that, Barrie is ok, has lot of snow though.

In the East, you may consider; Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa. Specially Ajax/Oshawa area is excellent to settle, still cheap real estate, residents are also good. Has good communication with central Toronto. You may purchase single family home within 250K.

In the west may consider Missisauga, Brampton Area.

May consider also New Market area that is north of Toronto.

Departed, he said TORONTO. , not the burbs. (in reply to: Best 10 places to live in toronto)
Alex :

Departed Canadian gave you a number of TOWNS that are located outside of the city of Toronto. Do you want information about living IN THE CITY ?

If so, I´m your man. Born here, lived here for sixty years , know it like the back of my hand.

What do you want to know ?

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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Jim is absolutely correct; I gave you all of the options in the Toronto suburbs based on your choice of Barrie.

To me, considering the price of the real estate and exhausting crowd/consgestion, it is better to live in the suburbs. Your choice may be different.

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hello jim i would like to buy a house for around 300,000 cd dollars in toronto please could u tell me a very good area in toronto cheers
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The average resale price of a house in th city of Toronto, in July 2007, was about 350,000 canadian dollars, so your price is in the mid range.

Despite what others have said here, Toronto is a very livable city. As in any large city, there is a wide range of homes and prices. Toronto is 250 square miles in area, with a population of 3 million people. The population density is not nearly as crowded as in the UK cities, because we have had a city planning bylaw since 1920, that controls what is built where, and of course the city was built with cars in mind, unlike the cities in the UK, where the roads were built for horses and wagons, hundreds of years ago.

Here is the link to the Canada Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, which is a computerised system of real estate listings, provided by the Canadian Real Estate Board´s members.

Go to

Select Ontario, then Toronto, then "resale homes" then your price range, and how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and what type of house, single story, two story, row town house, condominimum apartment, loft, you want to buy, than area of the city. I´d suggest Don Mills, North York, or Etobicoke, to start with. Each of them is a well established mature area, with all the services that you will want all ready inplace. Many of the pervious suggestions in the outskirts are still building their parks, schools and recreation facilities, while they are in place in Toronto´s suburbs, and have been for 40 years.

Let me know how you get on, and ask more questions here, if you like. I read this site every day.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

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Hey Alex,

The previous coments are quite accurate. Which area´s gonna be best for you depends quite a bit on where you´re working from #1(downtown, mid-town ie.yonge/eglinton, from home, etc), and #2 factor is you and your wife´s lifestyle(w/ kids-home on weekends, no kids-out for dinner/engagements on the weekends, for instance).

These factors are going to determine whether you want to look for something outside Toronto proper, within former sub-urbs (north york, etobicoke, scarborough), or in the original City of Toronto. As you can imagine the closer to the core the higher the density, neighbourhood amenities, history, etc.

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We are Planning to go to live in Toronto and we are looking for a nice place close to schools and parks . We are a big family . 5 kids. From 14years old to new born. We would like know what are the prices for renting a a nice four bedroom house two floors and also cost of private schools and how are the public schools. We are from Central America.
Mylene de Maldonado
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We´re moving to Toronto this summer with 2 young children we´re really comfused of where is best to live. Currently living on the outer skirts of centre London UK and very used to everything within reach. Our work will be based in North York but also the job has a lot of commuting involvement. We´re really comfused please help. Thank you
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Annie visit for listings of homes for sale around Canada to get an idea abot prices...

Go to

I assume you are British... I often visit another forum called: there you will find lots of people to talk to and you may compare your experience coming from the UK with theirs...

Good Luck...

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hi! we are italian family! we would to move in toronto next year with our baby and with "our big dog nerone!!! " we just saw the best web site ( )but we ask you where is the best area for a kids and a dogs?we would like to live in centre of toronto (around)and spend max 2000$ mounth for or a house or a apartment.... is it possible for you?how does a dog live in canada in winter? i´m warried.... thank you bye bye from Italy!!!