Wanting to be with my love.

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Subject: Wanting to be with my love.
  Ok. I met this lovely lady and we have been together for a few months. She is getting a divorce and may need to come back to the U.S. to settle it all. We would like to marry and live in Canada. If we do can we go back and forth over the border? Where would it be best to get married, U.S. or Canada? What should we be doing before we get married, paperwork etc.?

I have looked on websites but to be honest, I have had little luck in finding out what I want to know. I don´t have much hair left so any help would be appreciated.

Pulling my hair
Who is the Candian, and who is the Yank ? (in reply to: Wanting to be with my love.)

Lets start with the basics. Who is the American, and who is the Canadian, in this pairing?

You can´t get married until she is fully divorced. When will that be, do you have any idea ?

If she is an American citizen, she has to apply for permission to live in Canada, thru Immigration Canada. If you get married in Canada, that will help to bolster your Immigration application. It will still take a number of months for her to be granted "status " in Canada. During that waiting period she CANNOT work.

Once she has been granted "status " in Canada, the two of you may cross the International border into the USA and back into Canada, BUT be prepared to identify your self.

At this time Canadians crossing by car, into the USA, do NOT need a Canadian Passport to enter the USA. The lady will need to prove her US citizenship by certified State issued birth certificate, and a photo ID, such as a voter´s card or state drivers permit.

What you are looking for is called a "spousal sponsorship " from Immigration Canada.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
Will try to clarify. (in reply to: Wanting to be with my love.)
I (male) Canadian. She is the American. We are not sure on when the divorce will be granted, but will consult her lawyer. He will be able to answer more on that when we talk.

Can she cross before getting status? If we marry in Canada, what sort of time period are we looking at before she can leave and re-enter Canada? We are not concerned if she can work anytime soon.

We both have passports and she has all her needed I.D. so that is good.

Yes spousal sponsorship would be what we are seeking.

Pulling my hair
Thanks for the clarification. (in reply to: Wanting to be with my love.)

US citizens may VISIT Canada for up to 180 days in any 12 month period, just like Canadians can do in the USA, ( think snow birds in Florida ) so she can come up any time, stay and return to the USA. She should say that she is visting friends and give the location where you live in Canada as her destination here. Keep track of the " time in Canada " days she spends here.

DON´T let her show up at the Canadian border with a truck full of stuff, it will raise red flags for sure, do that AFTER she has been granted status in Canada.

After getting married in Canada, it will take 6 months or more for her to get "status " but it will be worth it, right ? You will have to get a "notarised Divorce decree" from the US state where she was married, and have a number of "notarised copies " made for the use of the Immigration department, and the local marriage office in Canada, before they will issue a marriage licence to the two of you.

More questions ? ask me here.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
Just to clarify (in reply to: Wanting to be with my love.)
Once we are married she has to remain in Canada until she has status. Then she can come back down and collect her belongings etc.

Ty for your time Jim

Pulling my hair
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