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Hi All

What is a provincial nominee....and exactly how does the process of immigration based on this process work?

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go to CIC website
A PNP is assisted by a Province to fill a job in that Province (in reply to: Provincal Nominee)
The Provincial Nomination Program is designed to allow each Province in Canada ( there are 10 Provinces ) to recruit immigrants, to fill specific jobs in that Province.

Example : British Columbia is going to be the host for the 2010 Winter Olympics, so they are looking for more construction workers for the many buildings that are being built there, now. The B.C. Provincial Government is actively advertising, overseas for all kinds of skille trades to come and work in B.C. In order to get them into Canada faster, the B.C. government will assist the applicants with the Federal Government of Canada, thru Immigration Canada.

AS was said in the last post, READ the CIC website, and look at the PNP guidelines, to learn more.

The PNP is designed to fill specific jobs, and you have to be qualified in that trade, in order to be considered. It isn´t just for construction, it covers many types of work.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen

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