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Subject: Implied Status for Visitor Visa
  Hi everyone, can someone give me an advise or what is really the correct process.

I applied my mother for sponsorship.
the Buffalo Immigration Office already sent us that it was approve but we´re still waiting for the final decision, my mother had her Medical Examination and we also paid the Landing Fee but we havent heard back anything from Buffalo the Medical was done last April 2007.

no my question is do we still need to apply for Extension of Visitor Visa since her visitor Visa will expire on August 18, 2007 or we dont need to because we´re just waiting for the final decision of the Buffalo Office.

And also how long normally we have to wait before they release the final decision becasue the medical is only valid for 1 yr.

Thank you in advance whoever replies.

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I guess apply for her extension of the visitors visa. I it would cost you few bucks but a great peace of mind in return.


Applied on Humanitarian ground do my mom need extension of stay while she (in reply to: Implied Status for Visitor Visa)
My mom applied on Humanitarian ground, do my mom need extension of her stay while she is in Canada and soon her stay period will end?

As she have no place to go after here. What should we do? Any help or guidance will be highly appreciated.

Implied status (in reply to: Implied Status for Visitor Visa)
These two websites will answer your question:

See section on Implied Status:

Lots of questions & answers that will help you:

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