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Subject: Interview Questions
  i have received a letter from canadian embassy islambad after 5 years and asked me to submit the original degrees and documents so how long it will take me to finalize my case and also what kind of question are they gonna ask me . i applied as a computer programmer and now i m Computer Manager Noc 0213. i will appreciate ur response.

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Imran bhai the consulate in Pakistan is slow at processing stuff. I cant say how long. I guess it would depend on when your interview would be scheduled.

Question for the interview I cant comment on because in my case it was waived.

Others might want to contribute.


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Thanx for ur comments ...and if other knows so please guide me . thanx
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Imran Sab,

Write to me on I will send you the question you may face.

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hey Imran,

To contribute to this thread, I would suggest you to follow this link.It would surely help you on the interview questions!!

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