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Subject: landing on visit visa to be immigrant 2
  Dear colleagues,
The smell of racism in every word and sentence of your reply to David Aunave is filling the noses of the readers, please remind me? What is your origin and when you become Canadian citizens?
Please don?t discriminate against those who forced to leave their home countries because of serious threat by asking Canada for protection.

Canada is internationally known as a shelter of humanity, and has an excellent record and reputation for taking human rights seriously and for offering a generous welcome to refugees. This reputation is in part deserved and something for all Canadians to be proud of.

Canada?s moral obligation was recognized long time ago even before you and your families landed as new immigrants, its true that it was one of the worst offenders to offer safe shelter to Jewish refugees contributed to the death toll in the genocide of the second world war but things changed and you should recognize that.

Now some new immigrants who recently became a Canadian citizen want to change the rules and the policy of the human rights country (CANADA), just because of their selfishness.
Please say something useful ! or stay quite. Just wanted to remind you that this forum is made in order for you to help each other. Therefore, please try to answer questions that you may know that way your own question will get answered faster if most of us follow this rule.

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Canada will always welcome those in need. There are always normal channels to get to Canada. We are referring to those who use the short cut and abuse the system. Those who abuse the generosity of Canada and Canadians. Those who even make it harder for the genuine refugees and immigrants to find a space in Canada. Otherwise please tell me: how c´m a man with good job, successful business, well established career, how can he be in danger and how can he classify his situation as a refugee seeker? How did he get the visitor visa in the first instance? If there is something missing in his story and if he is genuine, then he is welcome to reveal.
I was born a Canadian citizen. (in reply to: landing on visit visa to be immigrant 2)

I was born a Canadian citizen, in Toronto, in 1946. My Father´s side of the family came to Canada in 1801, a lttle over 200 years ago. Nine generations of life in Canada. That idea that everybody came here last year is wrong, my son.

Somebody had to cut down the trees and build up this country, and it wasn´t you, it was my ancestors. That gives me the right to be pissed off at cheats and liars who would screw up MY country.

Stick that racist label up your ass, it doesn´t wash with me.

As was said above, Canada does NOT owe the world a living, nor a free ride. Genuine refugees, yes, cheats and scammers, no way .

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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Jim B

You have nobel intention and good heart. But sometimes your own way of "raise a concern" can also raise a flag. However, I am with you absolutely.

The matter my dear friend Jim is that we have plenty of those cheaters around. As I said earlier they were reported but no body bothered to do anything. Do you have any other way or raising the alarm?

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Some will tell you that making a refugee claim at the POE is better becaause it looks like your more genuine to Immigration. The IRB and not Immigration decides if your a Convention refugee, Immigration decides if you are admissable.

Regardless if you arrive with John Cabot, Champlain, Henry Hudson or where born to a Huron or Cree nation you are Canadian as well if you were found to be a refugee.

come on people open your heart and get rid of your bigotry.

Any country citizen can be found to be a convention refugee if they meet Canada´s definition.


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I am 5th generation Canadian on my father´s side, and 2nd generation on my mothers side. However, I also spent 17 years married into a family of first generation immigrants that were refugees in every sense of the word - war, religious and economic persecution. They were rich Christians in Russia during the rise of Communism. They walked from Russia to Germany during the second world war to escape execution. Some distant relative sent them the money to come to Canada and they spent the first years of their Canadian life living in a chicken coupe behind a house in Abbotsford. His first Canadian job was to build the Sumas dike. His wife worked as a domestic with 3 kids in tow. They raised 5 well educated and successful children and died with more money in the bank than I will likely accumulate in my lifetime. Bravo to them. That is what Canada is about.

I have no problems accepting, assisting, supporting those who come to Canada as genuine refugees. I DO have a problem when someone attempts to use the refugee system to avoid front door applications and screening. I also resist people spoiling the changes of legitimate visitors who can´t get tourist visas because others have tainted the process. In both cases, the deserving and innocent pay the price for those who have no ethics.

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This guy David should be advised to apply under the Entrepreneur class to migrate to Canada since he is a successful busnessman. He can even visit one of the Provinces and see is he can get a Provincial Nomination Certificate to speed up his process. Refugee will be a tough case for him especially if he is not from one of the Refugee countries listed in the UN. David did not provide details such as his country, why he wants to get away from his country, who is threatening to kill him etc. He has to convince the Panel Member at the hearing that if he returns to his country his life will be in danger, can he prove this? Does he have evidence to produce to prove this? Did he tried to seek protection from the relevant authorities? He has to produce tons of documentary evidence to prove his case, there he should apply under the Entrepreneur category which is more sure.
About someone mentioning racism, Racism is in every country in the world, whether it is tribal, ethnicity, or color of skin, class, caste etc., it is everywhere. To each his own. Not everyone is a racist but racism do exist.

TO ZAK (in reply to: landing on visit visa to be immigrant 2)
ZAK: You were trying to insinuate that some of the replies to David were racist and it appears that you are either Indian or Pakistani or of some colour and that the racist remarks were from whites. Let me tell you this my friend, I am an East Indian from Guyana, A PR in Canada and I experienced racism in Canada and it is NOT from Whites but from Indians and Pakistanis who have similar skin colors like me. I believe it stems from the upbringing of these people whose thinking are backwards and believe in caste etc. When an Indian or a Pakistani hear that you are from the Caribbean, they looked down on you and they believe they are superior. So stop this nonsense talk about racism, we in the Caribbean have two sayings that apply to you.
1. Those in glass house should not throw bricks
2. Clean up your own back yard before you criticise others.

landing on visit visa to be immigrant 2 (in reply to: landing on visit visa to be immigrant 2)
The answers of the forum members drawn my attention, because no useful reply was listed, David was abused because he raised a question to seek help or advice from whom who supposes to advice him about something he is not aware of.
Sadly, the discussion falls below the accepted level and reach the dirty zone which is not accepted to me.
Bally, it?s not shame for the human being to be Indian or Pakistani origin but its shame to hide it BUT, I am for your information, neither this nor that, I am Jewish from Israel who respects all nationalities, but all of the participant never try to read what was written between the lines of David message, because they don?t know what is fear and they don?t want to help
Read our messages again
David Rabinovich

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David Rabinovich,

But you come from a country with history of ethnic cleansing and apartheid which is worst that those of the old South Africa. And you still claim defending yourself from the.......mirage..the more.
What do you say my friend?

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OK folks, I am closing out this thread. We have talked about this long enough.

safe to say, those of us from Canada are VERY sensitive about the entire issue of refugees and the debate can rage forever about what qualifies, and we roll into racism, blah, blah, blah.

as we are all learning in the CIC process, unethical applicants hurt EVERYONE regardless of nationality, or type of CIC application. It is hard to be patient sometimes when a post eludes to behaviour that makes each of our applications that much harder and the waits that much longer.

Let´s all take a deep breathe and head outside to enjoy some sunshine.


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