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Subject: Sponsor residing outside Canada - Spouse Immig.

My question relates to the specific situation where the sponsor is a Canadian citizen and is "resident" outside Canada.

My wife is a naturalized Canadian citizen. She hasn´t been to Canada since Dec 2006 when she came to India for our marriage. I have moved to Norway on a work/residence permit in April 2007 and she moved with me. To continue her stay in Norway beyond the permitted 3 months (on Canadian passport), she has obtained a Norwegian work/residence permit here.

We are about to apply for my immigration application in the spouse class and are confused about a few things:

1. There is some ambiguity w.r.t her resident status - would she be considered as "exclusively living outside Canada" on the basis of her Norwegian residence/work permit?

2. If she is indeed a non-resident sponsor, what kind of supporting documents can one furnish to demonstrate intentions of re-establishing in Canada once my PR is granted. We dont have any concrete evidence like a job offer, university acceptance, property mortgage, rental agreements etc. yet. Should we look for one of these and possibly delay the application or are there any other documents that would suffice?

3. My wife has just landed a job in Norway here after obtaining the residence/work permit. Does this help improve financial credibility of the sponsor or does it complicate matters further by strengthening ties with Norway (both of us have jobs and resident status here now)?

Would really appreciate if someone could share some much needed advice on these matters.
Thanks in advance.

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