my application got regected

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Subject: my application got regected
  Hi guys i am in serious trouble, my skilled worker class application got rejected for in sufficient points, reason is less work experience, now my lawer said he is going to fight my case in court and charging me 3000$.

my question is ´ is it possible to challenge the decission made by CIS. or my lawer is just cheeting me. if so do i have any option to get my money back. I will reapply after i score more points next year. please suggest. thank you all

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CIC does not offer refunds for failed applications.

I am of the understanding that Skilled Worker applications cannot be appealed. If there is a error, perhaps there is an option but I am not aware of any court hearing CIC cases.

be careful, save the $3000 and file again when you are sure you have sufficient points.

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Hey prasad

Can you tell us pls, your background

education, (in details)
work, how many years and what is your job
your IESTL score
did you have any relative
did you have a job offer aproved by CIC

and than we will see and try to help you more

dont loose your hope man

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I have known a few cases where rejected skilled workers cases were taken to the Federal Court and the judge ordered the files to be sent back to the Visa office for a review becuase the applicants were rejected wrongfully by the Visa officer. But Prasad needs to provde the information that Anonymous require before he hires a lawyer as someone on this forum will calculate hs points and then he should act accordingly. I think it is called a Judicial Review and not an appeal. Roy can provide some more information on this as he had cases like these before.
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