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Subject: what is next ?
i have got the letter from embassy to submit my original documents so what is the next step and what should be the waiting time to get my medical or interview ? i willbe verymuch thankful to you if anyone can reply.thanx
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Submit what they asked for. Then they will reasses your documents and if everything fits in the scheme, you would be instructed to go for your medicals.


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So nice of u to replyin me ....
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thanks a lot in advance for reply
i have applied fro canada visa under skilled immigration
please let me know if i didnot get 67 points(as per me my points are ok)will embassy tell me about it or what will happen to my application
secondly, i want to know that i am doing my masters (part time) can i submit my masters degree now i have submitted my application a year back
thanks a lot again for reply

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This group is made to help people who all are new or planning to move to Calgary. This is completely a non- profit effort to help the newcomers. Please avail this opportunity to ask questions and help others to settle in Calgary.


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