is this IA ?

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Subject: is this IA ?
embassy asked me to submit the original documents to assess my case so is thsi IA by embassy or wat is it ? and wat whould be the next step which embsy gonna take ?
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It does not sound like it.

When you get IA they tell you that they have completed your initial assessment and blablabla and if everything is OK the letter comes with medical forms

It looks to me that they need more documents to assess your case.

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This is the request for further documents and not your IA.
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Thanx for tellin me :)
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Depends on the embassy/ consulate. A few do not issue IAs. I received an interview waiver/ request for additional documents/ med requests in the same letter.
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where u hav submitted ur application ? mine is Pakistan so i hope i also get an interview waive :)

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