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Subject: Looking for a job offer in Canada
Hello there, is there any possibility to get a job offer through the internet ?


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I am not in Canada .
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that is an interesting question and that starts again the debate I came up with recently in my previous post.

I have a few comments about it:

1) what kind of job do you think you may get through internet ? I am curious

2) it was said earlier that the whole thing about getting a job in Canada is that you are more likely to get a job if you are in Canada and also if you have "Canadian" experience

3) I may not know enough about this but I would be interested to know how to get a job in Canada through internet, I mean before giving you an offer they have to meet you and give you a proper interview .... well in most jobs it is like that.

Tell us more what you have in mind ...

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I am guessing here but when CIC offers you points for arranged employment and it moves you through the system faster, there is the percieved notion out there that it is common place and not that difficult to do.

What I am left to understand is this is more often than not, a application option for those already living in Canada under a work permit that are wishing to make their status permanent.

Unless you are being head hunted, (such as a foreign trained nurse) I think the idea of getting a job from across the world is not likely. For one, there is no way for a prospective employer to know how long they will be waiting for you to arrive in the country. Most companies are hiring for immediate needs and so anything beyond a few weeks of waiting would certainly result in no job offer being presented.

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wow, my grammar is bad tonight.
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I guess sharon is spot on this time. I personally have the same experience. I graduated from the US with a Master´s in Public Health. Tired for a job in Canada for one full year with no luck. Then I realised that I would not get a job in this field simply because the jobs are hard to come by and I have no Canadian experience. I then reverted back to my undergraduate degree, which is in Pharmacy. I sat for the Canadian Pharmacy board exam, cleared the exam and applied for jobs through the internet. Loads of job offers poured in. So, it all depends on how desprate the employer is too hire you. What´s the current level of demand for your skill plus your luck.

Overall getting a work permit through my hospital accelarated my PR process and changed the way I see the canadian job market. No, having said that, it all depends on in what area you are looking to work in and how you are approaching the job market.

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To tag along on this thread, as I had an earlier similar question. Would anyone here know what is the scope for a Business Analyst (BA) in Ontario? I have a very good position as a BA in my home country & I´m trying to get my company to transfer me to Canada. However if that does not come through, I am also looking at other companies in Canada. Are BA´s in demand in Canada?
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as an employer my first question would be, how has your training prepared you for the Canadian marketplace. Are the players familiar, the protocols familiar or would you need months to learn. How good is your command of the english language? Can you write a strong letter or report?

My above questions are not unrealistic ones - after all, you are filling an immediate need for an employer and he needs a certain level of performance from you to justify the hiring.

If your training is from a Commonwealth Country you may have less difficulty. An inter company transfer would be an excellent option - you know your environment already.

I hope this helps just a little.

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This group is made to help people who all are new or planning to move to Calgary. This is completely a non- profit effort to help the newcomers. Please avail this opportunity to ask questions and help others to settle in Calgary.

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I have complited my diploma in culinary arts (nvq level-2)from city & guilds institute london, UK.last 3 years work work with five star hotel in dubai as a commie chef.so could you assist me please that is it possible to get a job offer from canada.
with regards
nymul chowdhury

nymul chowdhry
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if you dont mind, is it posible to help me applying a waitress in any restaurant and hotel in canada. im already grdauted in business administration major in marketing. i already experience in working in abroad singapore in the chareles and kiet in change airport.thanks i a sume that any boby can help me.
deeralyn lara