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Subject: Got PP request- New Delhi
  Hey guys,

I got my passport request in July 2007 following which I sent the same by courier. It?s almost a month and haven?t received them back. Can anyone tell me how long would it take to get the visa stamped.

Meanwhile I also went to the embassy and they said they couldn?t tell me the time frame but I could expect it before my medicals expire in November.

Anybody has an idea how much more do I need to wait?

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I guess wait a few more days. I am pretty sure that it wont take till nov. to get ur passport back. If it does take that long, I will be amazed. That would be considered lousy service then.


Got PP request - New Dehli (in reply to: Got PP request- New Delhi)
We´re in the same position too. My wife´s passport has been requested, and was submitted last week, and we´re wondering how long it will take also. Please post if you get some feedback.


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Hi guys,

Thanks for the reply. It´s already been more than 4 weeks. I wonder what they do with the passports keeping them for so long.

I am just hoping to receive them soon.
Good Luck to you all.

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My wife is sponsoring me from India too and I am currently with her in Canada.

Applied: April 2007
Got a file no.: May 2007
Medical submitted and confirmed: May 2007
Request for PP in New Delhi: May 15 2007
Passport submitted: June 11, 2007

I am still waiting for a confirmation on my passport being received at their end.

I am in Canada without my Indian passport and its really worrying me now.

Does it really take long for them to update the online status of my file and by when do u think someone would reply?


PP in New Delhi
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I am not too sure but it usually takes 4 to 5 weeks for them to stamp the passport and ecas in New Delhi is pathetic, it may even pdate after u receive ur passport back so stop depending on that.

I guess you can enquire them about the status on ur file through email. I am in India and it´s been longer than 4 weeks that I sent them the passports for my husband and myself. No response yet. So I would suggest wait some more or send an email.

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