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Subject: joint bank account Statement
  Embassy asked me to submit my bank statement so i have few questions to ask.

1- do i have to leave that much of 12700 sum dollars in my account until they call me for an interview or jus hav to show the money in an account and withdrawl the other day ?

2- can i open joint account with my wife as im a principle applicant or they need it only mine ?

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they can ask for proof of funds any time during the application process and it can be as many times and they see fit. Usually they ask for 3 months of bank statements to verify that you are not just borrowing cash for 2 days to show a bank balance and then taking it out.

someone else will need to answer about the joint account.

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thanx sharon . but i will keep tat money in my account until i get an interview date so this time my statement wilbe frest so is it ok ?
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you should keep it there until they request your passport and then be prepared to bring it to Canada with you.

while you are waiting for all this to happen, it would really be helpful to your future success in Canada if you can practice your english.

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