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Subject: Proof of Relationship
  My husband sponsored me and at the interview the officer said that he does not believe the marriage was genuine and that it was a marriage of convenience. I showed him photographs of the wedding, correspondence, western union receipts, no phone bills because we used phone cards and he does not accept this. He gave me 60 days to provide more proof. The only thing I have is some photos of us having sex which we take out with our own digital camera, do you think I should submit these ? I think these photos are private but it is the only thng left that I did not submit, what should I do? submit these photos or not ? Or if anyone can advise otherwise.
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Do you really think providing sex photos will serve any purpose? People have sex with quite a few people nowadays and for immigration probably a lot of them will have with anyone. Remember, all those celebrities sex tapes, they are not married couples.

You should try submitting your emails, chat records, pictures taken in places where you were just enjoying the time, your honeymoon hotel stay, your wedding arrangement details, etc. Think of some more if you can.

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About the extreme personal photographs I do agree with Samm. You may submit but it could even backfire. he may interpret that you went through an arranged marriage and for that you took that pics because it is not very common for a normal couple to take that kind of photographs.

Usually, immigration tells you the forms of proof of relationship. All are already mentioned. Did you give them any VDO of the marriage? One thing they always mention; the copy of the air tickets/luggage tags your husband used while he made the wedding trip back home.

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it is hard to give you suggestions when we don´t know what sort of documentation you sent beyond what you describe.

letters from family members, a letter from each of you describing how you met, how you feel about each other, your hopes, your dreams.

marriage certificates and formal pictures are too easy to create or agree to. I would not submit the sex photos.

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You need to show proof of a bond by Photos that the two of you are relaxed together or photos that your not posing for the camera. Get your Husbands friends to write letters regarding how much he drives them crazy talking about you all the time and attach their status documents with gov´t ID showing their address.

It is unlikely they would give you 60 days since he would have been asked to bring original documents to the Interview.

Friends will not lie on your behalf but family is known to. Letters should be one page long 12 font. Something personal how that individual knows the relationship is genuine.

Did you ever get any silly cards to or from him and if you still have the envelopes get them to the Visa post ASAP. Any airline tickets or pages of your passport showing duration of trips etc. etc.

Some times it is better to seek out professional advice prior to submitting any application. If they deny him you need to file the appeal ASAP after he gets his refusal letter. Then contact someone who has experience doing spousal appeals. I really hope you win at the alternate dispute resolution stage. ADR.

They will take 4 months to provide you with the Record then assign it for a ADR or Full Appeal. Prey for the ADR full appeal is probably going to take 14 months.

10-10 YAK shows up on your phone bills use it or another card that shows up on your home phone bill.

Sorry to hear the mess your in.


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i my case i got my friends to write letters for me. Handwritten and personal, though they had never met him they could attest to how much i cared for him. A couple of friends never erase their emails so they had emails from me from three years ago talking about how i just met him and how i was starting to fall for him. Ask around maybe friends have correspondence from you from the beginning of your relationship and can show it grew.Visas, plane tickets, emails between the two you, something more intimate than western union receits. But don´t send the pictures.
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Thanks everyone. I will take all the advice I get here.
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Roy, Wake up. You have crossed the bridge before you reach it. The lady is seeking advice on what she should do or documents to be provided within 60 days for the offcer to make a decision. The officer has not made a decision as yet so why talk about appeal, ADR, hiring an experence person at appeal(maybe you) etc. The lady needs advice on her current predicament. From what she is saying she does not have any further documentation to provde except the photos. I will advise her to inform the officer about the photos but not to submit them unless the offcer asked to see them. Another person is saying married couples do not take out photos like that, I do not know which country he is from but in the Western world that is very common. People do it for fun , the kicks etc. It is a private matter between 2 adults, so it is their decision to do whatever they want with each other. So Roy, do not count the chicken before they hatch, advise the lady what she wants to know now.
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hi dear,
May I know the country you are residing currently?

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in the western world it is NOT VERY common - so forget your stereotypes. Sending pictures of this nature to CIC could very well be a typical trick used to attempt validation of fraudulent marriages - after all, it is only sex and we are talking immigration here.

mentioning appeal is not out of line - it is a looming reality.

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I was born & raised in Southeast Asia, so not much familiar with western culture. But now have been residing in the NA for the past 8 years, so know a lot, if not all. In my circle of locals (Americans or Canadians) I never heard anybody taking such pictures. It simply may be they didn´t disclose to me. However, I still have a strong doubt about it.

If it were so common then everybody wouldn´t suggest her not to submit that.

In her case, immigration officer somehow got sneaky, I think there is something else for what he has doubt (my apology if I´m wrong). Usually, spouse sponsorship is very straight forward, they even rarely call for interview. In my case, I also used calling cards to call, though had few direct call records, but that is even from my relatives home address named by them, as I used to share with them. I even didn´t have sufficient income as per Quebec selection process. But everything went smooth, my wife got it within a year without any interview.