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Subject: changed the catagory
  Hi everyone

I have applied canadian immigration back in 2003 under cat skilled worker, now recently I have received letter from Canadian embassy asking me orignal documents.
My problem is that 43-months back when I have applied at that time I was doing job h/ever couple of years back I have started my own business,can some one guide would it effect my case, if so what should I do


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If you were working as a Graphic Artist and started your own Graphic Artist company it would most likely increase your chances of success.


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Thanks for your suggestion Roy,Pls note currently I am running an American Fast Food chain in Pakistan called SUBWAY RESTAURANT, do you think it will effect my case

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Sherry, the regulations stated to get the full 21 points for experience, you should have 4 years working experience in the past 10 years, it appears to me that you have that, never mind you change profession later.So if you change profession after you filed your applcation that will be OK, because at the time of filing you choosed the appropriate NOC code that matches your work experience.
Do not worry.

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