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Subject: A simple question
  I crossed the border about 20 years ago with a financial responsibility mark on my drivers license. And both times since then, I´ve been told to pay $150.00 if I want to just visit for a day. Is this a permanent issues I will have to deal with the rest of my life or is there a way to resolve this? Someone please help.
All I want to do is visit Beautiful Canada. Without emptying my wallet everytime.

Earl Arzadon
Crimnal convictions are your problem to solve (in reply to: A simple question)

It sure seems to me that your have American criminal convictions on your record, not " finacial responsibilities ".

The $150 fee is a tempoary entry permit that allows you to enter Canada , for a short period of time. If you want to get a permanent " Ministers´ Permit " that can be done, BUT it will take both time and money, on YOUR part.

Do a Google search for " Canadian waivers " and you will find a number of compnaies located in Canada, that will for a fee, help you to submit a application to the Canadian Government to get your status cleared up and eventually allow you to enter Canada, with out restriction, from the USA.

It take about a year to be processed, and the fee is about $600 USD.

Good Luck.

Jim Bunting. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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