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Subject: PR application through agency
  Hello friends,

I am new here and I posted my current situation and maybe you can give me your opinions on it.

I have applied for a PR through an agency, based in Toronto and they have an affiliate in my country. And after completing all the requirements they have submitted my application with no problems and was advised "just to wait". That was way back 2002. As expected, it will take time for processing, in my country its 6 to 36 months. So while waiting, I got the opportunity to work abroad and I continued with my current life. I got my case number after 18 months of submission.

Things got strange when I was asking for updates and they are not replying. Since I was working and living abroad, I wanted to update them also like marital status, employment, latest IELTS results, clearances etc. I believe they are no longer interested to continue with the services. Currently, I have no idea what is going on with my application since I "c/o" my application to this agency.

Thanks for reading up to this point, but my question now is how can I leave my agency and go directly instead? Is there anyway I can express that I am mis-represented?

I appreciate any comments.

Best regards,

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There would be a form in regarding Cancellation of a representative.

The link for the same is

This can be sent to the consulate with your latest address, along with details of the file #, IELTS results, clearances etc.

That way, your representative is cancelled and CIC should respond directly to the primary applicant.

All this info is based on my knowledge and verify the same before you proceed. seems logical to me but not sure

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Hello Praveen,

I appreciate your quick response and that was a great link.

It would also be great if there is a link on how to fill-up the form. I am afraid that when I cancel my representative it would cause problems with them even though they have not communicated with me for quite sometime now and I am not happy with the way they are conducting their services to me, which by the way is not the concern(maybe) of CIC?

Thanks again.

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There should be a guide in CIC which says about adding or cancelling a representative.

Also have a chat with your consultant and see if they are not interested in pursuing. Then you can go ahead with this.

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