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Subject: Canada Work permit related
  I am currently in the US and I have applied for PR and have just received my file #. Now I am planning to apply for a work permit from the US.

My questions -
1. There is a question in the work permit application whether I have applied for any canadian immigration visas.
Do I say yes and quote the file # there?

2. There is a question - Do you have a family member have any physical or mental disorder for which that person will require social/or health services other than medication?
I have a son who has some developmental disability. Do I have to answer this yes? If I answer this yes, would they reject my work permit.

Thanks for your help and responses.

Answers (in reply to: Canada Work permit related)
1) Yes....You will have to say yes and mention the file # of the PR application filed. This is what I did.

2) Not sure about the 2nd question and doesn´t want to guess...

Canada Work permit related - to Praveen (in reply to: Canada Work permit related)
Hi Praveen,
Thanks for your response..
1. How long did it take to get the Canadian work Permit for you?

2. Did you undergo medical for the long term workpermit? I am assuming you applied for the work permit from US.

3. Are you already in Canada?

Thanks for the response.

Answers (in reply to: Canada Work permit related)
1) Long Term (1 year or more) work permit normally takes 6 to 8 weeks.

2) Medicals are required for long term work permit. I have applied the work permit from India. India or US does not matter as Medicals processing take time.

3) Yep. I am already in Canada since 3 yrs

Would like to know about placement consultants in Canada assisting Indians in getting a job (in reply to: Canada Work permit related)
I´m looking forward to working in Canada. I would like to know of Placement consultants based in or out of Canada assisting Indians in getting a job. They should be genuine authorities in this business. Please mention their contact details as well. Thanks in advance!!

Reshabh Anand

(in reply to: Canada Work permit related)
You can get 6 month WP which doesn´t require medicals. You will have to go for medicals once you extend your WP after 6 months from within Canada.
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