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Subject: CIC Manuals, Bally, UNIDEN

The manuals clearly detail the explanation on how the IRPA Immigration and Refugee Protection Act are to be implemented. The IRPR Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations are clearly explained in the Manuals how the Officers are to interpret them. What they should be doing and what the requirements of various sections mean.

I created Uniden in a way when I handed him the access to the manuals after he asked a question about being out of status in the states and where he could apply for permanent residency. Regulation 11 details if you were admitted to the country legally and you reside there. There is nothing that states in the regulations that at time of application you have to be legal.

Then UNIDEN helped thousands of others by researching everything in the manuals. This guy has read every single manual and new operational bulletin there has been in the last two years.

Who can and cannot be an authorized representative spelled out in the IP9 manuals gives a definition of IRPR regulation 13.1 (1) when they refer to a procedure BEFORE the Minister. That allows anyone including those on this forum to charge a fee for advice before any application is submitted. As long as any person does not intend to represent the applicant at time of submission or post submission they do not have to comply with my regulatory body or my high fees.

If your going to do your application yourself it is wise to be like UNIDEN and research everything well in advance. Never pay someone who refuses to provide references in the area of your concern. Always get a contract and understand that only authorized representatives can appear before the Immigration Division, the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration and Refugee Board or get a proper response by speaking to a CBSA or CIC officer.


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Well done Roy. I hope others in this forum will take heed on what you are saying, so that they can save money and lots of heachaches. I admire this Uniden guy and others should learn from him and you too Roy.
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