To Chahal , plz feedback...?

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Subject: To Chahal , plz feedback...?
  Thanks a lot for ur concern , its pretty shocking 2 know that embassy can really hold ur passports for so long , but i really appreciate ur concern , but one more thing i want to know had u enquire bout ur status of ur application recently..? , y they r taking so long just 2 stamp d visas when everything has been done ...

looking forward 2 ur reply...

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i usually see my e-cas,it always shows ´in process´ it has been exactly 53 days,after sending PPs to embassy...and nothin from embassy...patience is the name of god...just hoping for best
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The problem with my case is that my medicals are going to expire soon in november first week.I am not sure but I am thinking about asking my rep to send in an enquiry.
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